The Ministry of Health requires the completion of vaccination data before April 30

The Ministry of Health requires vaccination facilities to receive and process people’s complaints and complete vaccination data before April 30.

In which, complete receiving and handling complaints from people before April 25; complete, standardize data and authenticate with digital signatures before April 30. If the update is not timely, the head of the vaccination facility must be held responsible.

This move was made by the Ministry of Health today in the context of the issuance of vaccine passports from April 15, but there are still about 41 million injections with incorrect information. Therefore, the Ministry of Health urges establishments to quickly handle people’s complaints in order to issue passports as soon as possible.

Screenshot of Hanoi people’s vaccine passports. Image:Chile

Vietnam’s electronic vaccine passport uses the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union, being used in 62 countries. As of April 7, Vietnam has reached an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccine passports with 19 countries.

By April 15, there were 500,000 people issued with electronic vaccine passports. The ministry will issue this certificate according to a rolling process to all vaccinated people. The vaccine passport issuance process consists of 3 steps. First, vaccination facilities review, verify and authenticate information on the vaccination management platform. This data will be digitally authenticated by the vaccination facility. Finally, the Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) is responsible for approving people at the end of the day, also by digital signature.


How to see the vaccine passport

How to view vaccine passport. Video: Luu Quy


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