The Ministry of Health proposes to put the Covid test kit in the price stabilization area

The Ministry of Health proposed the Ministry of Finance to study and put test kits and medical items, equipment and supplies for Covid-19 prevention into price stabilization.

Given that the state management of medical equipment still has many limitations and obstacles, the Ministry of Health on February 18 proposed the Ministry of Finance to issue a ceiling price for Covid-19 testing for medical groups. private. The General Department of Customs provides the import price of equipment, including the import price for rapid test and nCoV antigen test.

According to the Law on Prices, price stabilization means that the State applies appropriate measures to regulate supply and demand, finance, currency and other necessary economic and administrative measures to influence the formation and movement of prices. , do not let the prices of goods and services increase too high or decrease unreasonably low. The commodities currently subject to price stabilization are gasoline, retail electricity, fertilizers, salt, milk for children under 6 years old, sugar, rice, drugs on the list of essential drugs…

In mid-September 2020, representatives of 14 business associations proposed to the Prime Minister to put Covid-19 test kits in the category of subsidized prices, stabilize prices in order to reduce kit prices and lower costs for people and businesses; At the same time, it allows medical organizations to sell test kits at competitive prices. According to the associations, the cost of Covid testing is a “terrible burden” for businesses.

The Ministry of Health has just adjusted the price of testing services, with the price of rapid test not exceeding VND 78,000 per sample, PCR testing of a single sample not exceeding VND 501,800; At the same time, warn about Covid drugs and fake test kits.

This is the third test price adjustment by the Ministry of Health in two years against Covid-19. On November 10, 2021, the price of testing services was adjusted for the second time by the Ministry of Health, with a rapid test rate of no more than VND 109,700/sample, a maximum of VND 518,400 for PCR testing. Before this time, the price for PCR testing was 734,000 VND/sample; quick test 238,000 VND/sample.

In fact, over the past time, the price fluctuation of testing services and test kit prices has occurred in many places, especially the case that Viet A Company inflated the price of the kit is under investigation… The Ministry of Health proposed the Ministry of Home Affairs, Information and Communication, Science and Technology, support inspection activities of production, business, advertising, circulation of test kits, development of processes and standards for quality assessment of kits.. .

Medical staff in Ho Chi Minh City holding a quick test kit for nCoV. Photo: Quynh Tran



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