The medical rescue jet suit flies like ‘Iron Man’

BrotherGravity Industries designed “flying” suits that can fly over water, across mountains, help shorten travel time, access to emergency patients.

Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, a pioneering technology company in the UK, announced that it had patented and successfully tested the world’s first jet medical suit, on September 29.

The suit can help wearers overcome gravity challenges, fly over water, cross mountains and land with absolute precision. This is part of a new special service that is being tested in Lake District, UK.

With the consent of the ambulance service directors, the medical team will be dressed in this compact jet suit, flying over difficult terrain and reaching patients in a short period of time.

Andy Mawson, chief operating officer and medical staff at GNAAS, the air ambulance service company Great North, said it was difficult to carry medical kits on the slopes around the lake, because slope of the ridge. But with the quick assist vehicle and jet suit, there are certainly significant changes in the way people find and assist in distress are sure.

Currently, the jet suit can fly continuously for 5 minutes, reducing rescue time from 25 minutes walking to 90 seconds.

Mawson added: “If someone has a heart failure on top of Helvellyn, we can use a jet suit and bring the defibrillator in in as little as eight minutes. Right now, our planes also take. 20-25 minutes to arrive “.

Richard Browing dressed in jet suit during rehearsal in Lake District, UK on September 29. Image: AP

During the test flight, inventor Richard Browing looks like Iron Man from the Marvel superhero movies. He ordered the suit at Langdale Pikes, where he had to look for a group of pedestrians to simulate a search for people in distress.

Richard Browing flew over the lawns 3-6 meters high. Within minutes, he found a woman and a girl, while a similar search by road would take more than an hour.

“In the past, we couldn’t be sure of the practical effect. But now, given what we’ve been seeing, it has to be really amazing,” said Mawson.

According to Mawson, the exercise shows the enormous potential of jet suits in providing urgent medical care. Medical staff are able to fly over the top of Mount Helvellyn, Britain’s third highest mountain, in just eight minutes.

GNAAS is making some changes to Browning’s suit before applying it next summer.

The jet has a capacity of 1050 bhp (brake horsepower), retail price of 340,000 pounds (more than 400,000 USD), top speed about 129 km / h, high flying 12,000 ft (equivalent to 3.6 km). In fact, the jet will be operated at a lower altitude to ensure safety.

The suit is fitted with two micro-jet engines per arm, one in the rear allowing motion control.

Over the past three years, Browning says Gravity has made more than 100 flights in 30 countries. Emergency emergencies are one of the areas the company is actively pursuing, along with the launch of new commercial training flights.

“We are only discovering very primitive potential in terms of what this technology can deliver,” said Browning.

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