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The mayor of Kyiv said, ‘Russian army pushed back in many places, we would rather die than kneel’

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Russia once again has to face the Ukrainian army in Kyiv. According to the report, the Ukrainian army has pushed Russian troops to the rear in several areas around Kyiv. The mayor of the capital Kyiv said on Wednesday that, instead of surrendering the capital, we have vowed to protect every building.

Irpin city under the control of Ukraine

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said fighting was going on in Kyiv’s northern and eastern outskirts, while the small town of Makarev and the whole of Irpin were already under Ukrainian military control. Let us tell you that the border of Kyiv seems to be from the east, while Makariv is located at a distance of about 50 kilometers (30 mi) to the west.

fierce bombardment from both sides

According to media reports, there has been fierce bombardment by both the army in Irpin and Lutyz, north of Kyiv. Cannons have been fired from both sides. A lot has happened in Irpin too. At the same time, a Ukrainian news agency has claimed to have bases of Russian troops in Ipin, Buka and Hostomel located on the west outskirts of Kyiv.

building ready for defense

Klitschko, a former boxing champion and current mayor of Kyiv, said in a press conference that “the target of the attackers is the capital of Ukraine, because this city is the heart of the country”. He urged Russian troops to go back home and said that every Ukrainian building in Kiev was ready to defend Kyiv from enemies. Klitschko said. We would rather die than kneel before the Russians or surrender to the invaders. We are ready to fight for every building, every street, every part of our city.

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