The Mayflower autonomous boat awarded by CES in Las Vegas

The autonomous ship Mayflower in Plymouth harbor (GB) (Tom Barnes for IBM)

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This year, the CES Las Vegas show will take place completely virtual in January. This does not preclude the usual distribution of rewards, announced in December. This is how an Innovation Award has just been awarded to the Mayflower autonomous electric boat project.

The 2020 Mayflower is a 15-meter-long trimaran, covered with solar panels, equipped with electric motors (and a small back-up diesel engine), driven entirely by artificial intelligence. Using its six cameras and 30 sensors, it maps its environment every second. It is supposed to avoid obstacles, such as other boats, lost containers or whales. However, on board, neither captain nor crew members. The Mayflower is equipped with technologies developed in France, in Sofia Antipolis., By IBM engineers. She was launched on September 15th.

The Mayfloyer is currently performing airworthiness tests in Great Britain. He will set sail for good on April 19 from Plymouth, England, to join Plymouth, United States, in the footsteps of his historic predecessor, the Mayflower of 1620, which had brought English Protestants fleeing persecution.

Still in the field of energy innovations, the American company General Electrics announces that it has developed a new type of wind turbine, capable of providing enough electricity to supply a household for two days with a single turn of propeller, in just 17 seconds.

Called Haliade-X, this wind turbine is presented as the most powerful in the world. So, wind turbines are sometimes criticized, this perhaps paves the way for a new generation that is much more efficient. It has a power of 13MW, which allows it to provide more than 300MW of electricity per day, about 10 times more than a conventional wind turbine. It must be said that it is a monster 220 meters high with blades 107 meters. It is an offshore wind turbine, that is to say intended to be installed at sea. Haliade-X was partly manufactured in France in St Nazaire.

Haliade-X begins to be installed in the United States and Great Britain.

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