The malformation causes a boy’s penis to stick to the scrotum

Tuyen QuangThe boy is born with a birth defect, with his penis bent downwards, sticking to the scrotum, unable to urinate normally.

Doctors of Tuyen Quang General Hospital, on March 30, said this was a congenital malformation of the penis. The mother shared that she was afraid the baby was not healthy enough for surgery, so the family waited until the baby was 4 years old before taking it to the doctor and surgery.

The pediatrician was trained by doctors of the Department of Surgery – Urology in coordination with the Department of Surgery – Anesthesia, performed dissection surgery, fibrosis, erect penis and urethra shaping. After surgery, the baby’s health is stable.

Dr Ma Ngoc Ba, Head of the Department of Surgery and Nephrology – Urology, said many studies show that genital malformations are the leading birth defects in children. The direct cause of the child’s genital malformation has not been determined, some related factors such as the mother getting the flu during pregnancy, inbreeding … genitalia is also seen in sex developmental disorder (DSD).

Families should bring their children to specialized medical facilities for early examination and counseling. For boys with stickiness, penis enlargement or low urinary deviation, surgery is best done before 24 months of age to restore shape and function to normal.

If the child does not have surgery, timely intervention, until the child goes to school or older, the child may suffer from inferiority, feeling inferior to other children, affecting psychophysiology, time will have difficulty in urinating, reproductive function and sexual intercourse in adulthood.

The doctor visits the pediatrician. Image: Hospital provided


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