The “Make in Vietnam” platform supports businesses to make smart decisions

Applying artificial intelligence technology and data science, data mining platform “Make in Vietnam” Viettel Data Mining provides a reporting system to help agencies and businesses make fast and accurate decisions.

Turn meaningless mass of data into valuable information

Data mining platform – Viettel Data Mining Platform has just been launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications on December 18. This is the 37th “Make in Vietnam” digital platform chosen by the Ministry of Information and Communications to introduce in “Technology Friday”, serving the national digital transformation program.

As the first data mining platform developed by Vietnamese, for businesses in Vietnam at a reasonable cost compared to foreign platforms, Viettel Data Mining Platform is researched by Viettel Cyber ​​Center, develope.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Informatics Nguyen Trong Duong, among 37 digital platforms “Make in Vietnam” selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications, Viettel has 4 platforms.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Trong Duong, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Information and Communications), said that if the time in 2005 every second in the world created 100GB of data, so far the number of data generated each The second is 100TB, 1,000 times more.

However, Mr. Duong also pointed out that such a huge amount of data is only really valuable when it is applied by Big Data technology to analyze and bring AI technology into help to make decisions, informed quickly, accurately and promptly. At that time, a meaningless data volume has become meaningful, valuable.

According to the representative of the Department of Informatics, along with the artificial intelligence platform Viettel AI Open Platform was introduced earlier, the Viettel Cyber ​​Center announced the data mining platform Viettel Data Mining has completed the toolkit. tools help agencies, organizations and the business community to deeply transform, transform their production and working methods.

“We encourage large corporations to bring their good tools to the market so that the business community and citizens can use the elite of Vietnamese intelligence. Viettel is one of the units that has been doing so ”, the representative of the Department of Computerization shared.

Mr. Dang Duc Thao, Deputy Director of Viettel Cyber ​​Center, also emphasized that big data and data analysis are among the most important fundamental elements of the 4.0 revolution as well as digital transformation.

“Today’s data is like” oil “. In the past, oil was considered the most valuable resource. In the digital economy, data is an invaluable asset. The companies belonging to the “club” capitalization of over a trillion dollars – Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple – or the world’s largest social network, Facebook, are all enriched in part by analyzing and exploiting resources. digital data resources ”, Mr. Thao cited.

Emphasizing the importance of data mining platforms, the representative of Viettel Cyber ​​Center also said that there are many platforms developed in the world such as Google, RapidMiner, Microsoft, Databricks .. .

However, these conceptual platforms often focus on processing English language data, not suitable for the amount of language data and Vietnamese language, in addition to the matter of mastering and managing data. Issues to look out for when implementing these platforms.

Viettel Data Mining Platform aims to meet the 2 inevitable needs of Vietnamese organizations and businesses in the digital transformation process, namely: the need to integrate, process, ensure information security and security. digitize large and distributed in many different data sources into one common platform; apply data mining technologies and artificial intelligence to analyze and find useful information (also known as data insight) to support and progressively lead the decision-making process .

Promote digital economic development

About Viettel’s solution, the representative of the development team said that Viettel Data Mining Platform provides a platform to build real-time corporate governance reports to optimize time and resources, instead of Manually synthesizing information from a variety of sources, helping to increase employee productivity by 30% in information extraction and reporting.

In addition to the application of artificial intelligence technologies and data science, Viettel Data Mining Platform is also combined with specialized knowledge such as business, finance, human resources, quality management … to help optimal operation in the business.

Specifically, Viettel Data Mining Platform is capable of predicting, analyzing risks and detecting irregularities in business management such as detecting financial fraud, preventing labor accidents, avoiding property loss. materials, reduce inventory …

Along with intelligent machine learning algorithms, the system will make recommendations to improve process bottlenecks, propose training programs to improve workers’ skills, optimize storage and transporting goods … thereby helping businesses optimize costs, improve labor productivity.

In business, Viettel Data Mining Platform will assist businesses in monitoring reputation, analyzing customer tastes, analyzing prices, giving portraits of customers, analyzing to find out customers with common characteristics, from then recommending customers to buy suitable products and services.

The representative of the development group also affirmed that Viettel Data Mining Platform will be increasingly completed and widely used in businesses to promote digital economic development. More specifically, Viettel Data Mining Platform will be individually developed according to the specific data and needs of each business to ensure in-depth analysis, in accordance with the scale and business lines.

Van Anh

Ministry of Information and Communications: Digital transformation is only successful when all people participate

Ministry of Information and Communications: Digital transformation is only successful when all people participate

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung said: Digital transformation is only successful if the entire population participates, meaning that digital technology and digital services must be universal, along with security services, network security. Universal.


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