The Make in Vietnam platform helps to earn extra income from online sales

This platform promises to be a place to earn extra income for nappers, office workers and those working in jobs with a lot of free time.

Nexttech Group has just launched an online sales platform called Cuccu. This is a platform developed towards students, nanny mothers, office workers and those who want to earn extra income.

Participants in the platform will have to download and install the Cuccu app. Cuccu members will become sales collaborators for businesses in need on the platform. As a result, sellers do not need to spend capital to import goods but can still sell many different products at the same time.

Cuccu sales collaborator platform launch ceremony.

When applying, collaborators on the Cuccu platform only need to submit the application on the application, not packaging and delivery. will update the order status in real time, the bonus amount for each order of the collaborator thanks to the support of technology.

In particular, online sales collaborators can withdraw bonuses as soon as the order is successful without having to wait until a fixed day of the month.

Cuccu is an application that helps everyone to earn extra income by selling products without having to buy goods or spend money. Photo: Trong Dat

For businesses, the Cuccu platform will provide a system for managing customer contact, bill of lading, and commission control. Instead of spending 30-35% of revenue on advertising, businesses only have to pay affiliates cost for each item sold.

In addition, businesses can upload images, landing pages to Cuccu apps to advertise products and push notifications to collaborators like a Facebook advertising campaign at no cost.

According to Mr. Do Thang – CEO of Cuccu, this platform will help everyone to sell online without having to spend money on goods. As a result, this application will help solve the problem of earning more income for millions of people by participating in the e-commerce market.

Trong Dat


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