The “Make in Vietnam” platform supports solving many problems for businesses

The comprehensive corporate governance platform has just been selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications to introduce and sponsor the media, is the foundation with more than 50 applications, focusing on solving the core problems of the business in the digital transformation process .

Towards completion of the digital economic development target

On November 20, the Ministry of Information and Communications introduced the Comprehensive Corporate Governance Platform This is the 34th “Make in Vietnam” platform chosen by the Ministry of Information and Communications to introduce in “Technology Friday”, serving the program. country number conversion.

The comprehensive corporate governance platform has just become the 34th “Make in Vietnam” platform introduced and sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Phu Tien, Deputy Director of the Department of Computerization, Ministry of Information and Communications, said that digital economy is one of the three main pillars of the national digital transformation program. To develop this pillar, the Program has set a target that by 2025, the digital economy will contribute 20% of GDP and make the average annual labor productivity of Vietnam increase at least 7%; by 2030, the digital economy will contribute 30% of GDP and the average labor productivity of Vietnamese people will increase at least 8% / year.

Recognizing that the implementation of the above objectives is a heavy task, the representative of the Department of Informationization emphasized the role of Vietnamese ICT enterprises in implementing this task, not only in contributing to revenue but important. rather than developing and providing technological solutions and platforms to support domestic enterprises in fast digital transformation.

Deputy Director of the Department of Informatics Nguyen Phu Tien said that is an important platform for business management and administration in Vietnam when digital transformation.

Talking about, Mr. Tien said that this is an important foundation to perform business administration and management in Vietnam when converting digital.

“ has a scientific and modern approach to develop a common platform and on that platform deploy customized applications for each business object according to needs in each stage. This cross-platform approach enables businesses to deploy applications very quickly, saving money and time ”Mr. Tien assessed.

Mr. Pham Kim Hung, CEO of also believes that domestic technology businesses can provide good enough products for the Vietnamese business community. “Acknowledging the mission of accompanying businesses in digital transformation, not only provides solutions, but also works side by side with businesses throughout the implementation process, while sharing many knowledge resources. for the community, contributing to promoting the completion of the national digital transformation goal ”, Mr. Hung affirmed.

Solve business problems in digital transformation

According to representatives of, the platform is built with high openness, is the solution for businesses to solve their never-ending problems.

Mr. Pham Kim Hung, CEO of, said that the platform built with high openness is the solution for businesses to solve their never-ending problems.

Currently, the management platform has more than 50 applications focusing on 3 core problems, including: Base Work + product set to help businesses manage their work and projects comprehensively; The Base Info + product suite helps to build transparent and effective information systems; and the Base HRM + product suite helps businesses have a complete human resource development and management strategy.

Unlike traditional solutions, Base-based applications are designed in depth and optimized for each specific task in the enterprise according to the microservice architecture (many small services), but can still exchange data. be together on a common platform through Webhook and API. can also connect solutions of many different suppliers, creating a powerful and comprehensive set of tools to help businesses grow sustainably.

Specifically, from a management perspective, based on this platform, the operator can see the overall picture of the business through actual data, thereby making more accurate decisions to increase. job performance, reduce costs (time, manpower, material), increase revenue.

From an employee’s perspective, they can easily collaborate with colleagues, arrange a reasonable time to complete tasks and be instructed to do the best job.

In addition, the ability to operate cross-platform on laptop, tablet and mobile devices, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, brings a convenient experience for users.

In particular, due to being built on Cloud platform, the product’s features are updated for free and quickly, the deployment process is also simple and easy, which helps to significantly save costs for businesses. .

Founded in August 2016, Base is known as one of the leading technology companies in the field of building Software-as-a-Service (Saas) corporate governance platforms in Vietnam. Currently, Base has become the SaaS platform that is trusted by more than 5,000 customers spanning many sizes and fields, including VIB, ACB, Sacombank, VinCommerce, Golden Gate, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, The Coffee House. , Decathlon, Bamboo Airways, Novaland Group …

According to representative Base, in 2021 this unit intends to bring 3rd party applications to to solve common problems of businesses. Also in 2021, the company will bring the knowledge and wisdom of Vietnam to the world. Currently, there are many multinational companies using products on Base.

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Digital transformation so that people enjoy the best services

Digital transformation so that people enjoy the best services

The Government Office will actively work with the Ministry of Health to restructure processes towards reform, cutting cumbersome procedures to successfully implement the program of transforming the health sector.


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