The LVMH group acquires the name of the commune of Vendôme, in the Loir-et-Cher

Is the commune of Vendôme worth 10,000 euros? In any case, this is the sum that the LVMH group paid to this municipality of Loir-et-Cher against the exclusive transfer of its name for the jewelry products and jewelry of its Louis Vuitton subsidiary. Since then, the agreement has stirred up a stir in the city.

For the mayor, Laurent Briard, it is a false controversy. We did not sell the name Vendôme. It would be an absolutely dramatic shortcut and above all absolutely false “, he assures. He explains that, according to the terms of the contract, the transfer of the name Vendôme only concerns the creation of jewelry, articles of jewelry or watches and respects intellectual property rights.

“It is the possibility for Vuitton to exclusively use the word Vendôme on jewels which would be sold tomorrow by the group”

Laurent Briard, mayor of Vendôme

to franceinfo

The elected representative also underlines the benefits that the town derives from the presence of Louis Vuitton, a subsidiary of LVMH, in Vendôme. The group renovated a decrepit historic building and set up a leather goods workshop there. A second will see the light of day this year. “It is a restoration for more than 15 million euros of a building that the municipality could not have done, he argues. It is a place of production with 180 jobs in the long term. And then, another workshop, at the gates of the city which will eventually accommodate 300 to 350 jobs “, assures Laurent Briard.

The terms of the contract were voted in by the city council on February 4. Two municipal councilors, out of 33, voted against. “They have to explain to methe relationship between the jobs they are creating and the fact that they buy the name of the city, asks Florent Grospars, opposing Europe Écologie-Les Verts. LPeople are, and rightly so, very shocked that you can sell a piece of a name for so little money to such a big company. “.

On Facebook, he published a long text to denounce this session, shared nearly 500 times. “It is written in the assignment that henceforth, if Vendôme needed to use the name on the jewelry, it will have to negotiate with the purchaser, that is to say with Vuitton, explains the opposition city councilor.

“We are completely at the mercy of this company with this contract, he believes. We could absolutely, if we absolutely wanted to use the Vendôme name, work on a product license which allowed the City to remain master of its name “. As the contract has not yet been officially signed, Florent Grospars hopes to mobilize as many citizens as possible to pressure the mayor to give up the contract or modify it.

LVMH buys the name of the commune of Vendôme: the report by Sandrine Étoa-Andègue

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