The little boy stuck his penis in the zipper

Hanoi7-year-old boy, bicycle falls, penis through the slot. Baby zipped pants again torn skin, penis stuck.

The child admitted to Hanoi E Hospital on September 30 in a state of fear and panic. The penis stuck in the zipper was bleeding heavily and painfully. Family members struggled to remove the jammed part.

Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien, Department of Nephrology and Urology, said fortunately the baby only injured skin tear, no urethral damage. The doctor gives local anesthesia to the patient, then uses a tool to separate the zipper from the trapped part, then stitch the torn skin back.

Dr Lien said, genital injuries caused by zipper zippers often occur with teenage men and young children. In the US, pants zippers are the most frequent cause of penis injury in adults, with an estimated 2,000 cases per year. Drunk people, psychosis, not wearing underwear, accidents in the couple’s activities … also easily fall into this situation.

In this accident, the foreskin, penis skin or scrotum can become trapped between the two zippers when the zipper is opened or closed. As a result, this skin and soft tissue are clamped, causing pain, friction, and swelling. Victims often try to handle themselves, unintentionally causing further damage to the genitals.

Doctors recommend that men should be careful when zipping their pants. When the skin of the penis or foreskin gets stuck in the zipper, do not pull the scissors to remove it because it will further damage the urethra, and there is a risk of urethral tear. The patient needs to immediately go to the medical facility for emergency and treatment. Before going to the hospital, just use scissors to remove the pants, leave the area locked, then change into a new wide pants to go to the nearest medical facility; That will be safe, avoid pain when moving.

Thuy Quynh