The Last Son, once upon a time there was a curse on Canal +

CRITICAL – Tim Sutton signs a poisonous western in which a mercenary is confronted with a terrible prophecy revealed to him by an Indian. All the codes of the genre are present in this film broadcast directly on television. Do not miss this Tuesday, December 14 at 9:10 p.m. on Canal +.

In the west, there is nothing new. It’s better this way. Brutality still reigns. Shots echoed in the Sierra Nevada. A mercenary, who does not fear to massacre the native tribes, receives a blow on the head the day an Indian reveals this prophecy to him: Isaac LeMay will die at the hand of one of his children. He doesn’t know which one. In addition, his offspring is numerous. Ah, if contraception had existed!

Unworthy father

Here is the hero obliged to exterminate his own descendants. Not insignificant problem: he never took care of it. One of his daughters is lucky. He spares it. Is it because of his Pippi Longstocking mats? The last son is the big chunk. He had it with a big-hearted prostitute. Heather Graham, in corset (what had been happening all this time?), Asking him to be indulgent. In response, he cuts off a phalanx. We can see the atmosphere.

The unworthy father faces the curse with a laconism that would make Clint Eastwood pass for …

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