The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray on Apple TV+: Samuel L. Jackson’s Duty of Remembrance

CRITICAL – For his first series, the star embodies an old man plagued by Alzheimer’s disease. A disturbing inner journey to the heart of the secrets of a man and of an America still fighting against its past.

When I wrote The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray, I never thought I would find myself on the phone with Samuel L. Jackson telling me that he recognized himself in the protagonist and wanted to adapt the novel. He is not a gentleman to whom we say no”, smiles the African-American novelist Walter Mosley. For a decade, Bill Clinton’s favorite thriller writer and star of pulp Fiction have tried to transform this fragmented story, conceived as an inner journey, into a film before moving on the advice of Apple TV+ towards a miniseries of six episodes to preserve the density of the plot.

Inspired by the painful spectacle of seeing his parents sink fifteen years apart into dementia, Walter Mosley recounts the fate of a nonagenarian from Georgia suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Ptolemy Gray is neglected by his family with the exception of his great-nephew Reggie. Alas, the latter dies in a brawl. When a doctor mentions an experimental treatment that will stimulate…

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