The largest hacker forum “suddenly” stopped working

February 28, 2022 15:35 GMT+7

One of the largest hacker forums in the world has just stopped working for unknown reasons., which provides stolen databases, login credentials, adult content and free downloads of hacking tools, has just stopped working. According to the news site Hackread, the authorities (unknown) have confiscated the domain money.

Some hackers often sell data based on the target company’s value at this address. However, the forum is mainly known for its leaks and free downloads of stolen data.

For example, billions of LinkedIn user profiles as well as a database of 500 million Facebook users from 106 countries were uploaded to Raidforums for free.

In a screenshot of a conversation on this forum’s Telegram group, Jaw, the RaidForums admin, announced: “The domain has been seized. I encourage everyone to change their passwords and delete all access logs.”

Currently, all visits to are automatically redirected to the login page.

As early as 2022, this forum had access problems. Raidforums once “collapsed” and returned to operation after more than a week. However, the fact that “Omnipotent”, the account of the forum owner, was found to have last logged in on January 30, coinciding with the time the forum was down.

It remains unclear which law enforcement agency is behind the incident. Recently, Russian and European authorities have stepped up their crackdown on cybercriminals as well as hacker forums.

On January 18, Europol (European police agency) removed VNPLab’s VPN service due to its association with ransomware exploiters. Earlier, on January 15, Russia’s federal security service (FSB) dismantled the infrastructure of the REvil malicious hacker group, arresting 14 suspects.

On January 24, Russian authorities continued to arrest 4 members of the Infraud Organization, a hacker group believed to be the largest cybercrime gang on the dark web, which has stolen more than 530 million USD through many other operations. together.

On February 8, Russian police seized four domains related to cybercrime including: Trump Dumps, Ferum, SkyFraud and UAS.

Vinh Ngo(According to HackRead)

Facebook, Twitter blocked amid Russia-Ukraine tension

Facebook, Twitter blocked amid Russia-Ukraine tension

As the fighting between Russia and Ukraine grows more intense, there is also another war quietly taking place on social networks.


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