The Land of Men: sacred cows

CRITICAL – In this subtle agricultural drama, Naël Marandin films a breeder who is fighting to save her farm.

This is his land. Spread the word. He defends her. If necessary, it will be with rifle shots. Bernard (Olivier Gourmet) is not kidding. This Burgundian farmer is at his wit’s end. The family farm is drowning in debt. Fortunately, the girl wants to take up the torch. Constance has ethics and ideas. Performance at all costs is not for her. It’s time to change.

At the cattle market, cows do not climb much in the auctions. At the microphone, figures are still falling. The big owners are on the lookout. The young lady presents her case to a committee. She is counting on Sylvain’s support, apparently not a bad guy. The administration has its laws. PAC, SAFER, all these capital letters rule over modern agriculture.

Alone against the world

Bankruptcy is near. Registered letters are raining. Sylvain will not really keep his promises, but he will take advantage of his position to seduce Constance. The game is not equal. She is at bay. She files a complaint

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