The La Foir’Fouille brand is taking on new colors and will expand in France

After two difficult years due to the pandemic, the distributor of low-cost household equipment is now reaping the benefits of an adaptation strategy that began several years ago.

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La Foir’Fouille is one of these distribution networks for articles with discounts, very popular with consumers in times of pressure on purchasing power. The competition is fierce. La Foir’Fouille is number two on the market in France behind Gifi. There is also Action or Stokomani. The turnover of the Foir’Fouille amounted to 760 million euros last year, up compared to 2020 and 2019. A sign that the change is bearing fruit.

Because when the competition is strong, you have to differentiate yourself as much as possible with other ideas, other concepts, than your opponents. The first axis developed over the past four years by the general manager who arrived in 2018 has been to stand out from the image of a destocker – reseller of items from closed stores, bankruptcies, claims or various disputes.

While remaining in the decoration niche, it has created a complementary offer of permanent products for household equipment such as bathrooms, for example. He has developed a dozen brands identified with Foir’Fouille with a style specific to the brand and half manufactured in France and in Europe to circumvent the “made in China”. The recipe works.

La Foir’Fouille thus announces the birth of around thirty new generation stores by the end of the year. Boss Geoffroy Lavielle explains on a daily basis The echoes that there is room for 400 stores in France, compared to 270 today, with average surfaces increasing from 1,700 to 3,000 m2, and the desire to open stores in the city centre. La Foir’Fouille is now 50% owned by its president, Ivan Rapoport, the other half by the management, the banks CIC, Société Générale and Crédit Agricole.

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