The key to plug the skull of a young man

HanoiMilitary Central Hospital 108 received a rare case of a 20-year-old man with a key inserted into his head, through the skull.

On July 15, Doctor Do Khac Hau, deputy director of the Department of Neurosurgery, 108 Central Military Hospital, said that the CT scan results showed that the key was inserted through two layers of skull bones in the occipital region. to the venous sinuses. The family did not say why the young man had a key stuck in his head.

According to Dr. Hau, the key has been inserted into the meninges, venous sinuses, so the handling must be very careful, in case of damage to the sinuses, causing acute blood loss. Therefore, the team enlarged the wound around the key, then removed the foreign body and stopped the bleeding.

“Fortunately for the patient, the new key is pressed into the venous sinuses, but has not caused a sinus perforation, brain damage. If the foreign body goes deeper, it will damage the venous sinuses, brain parenchyma, and be life-threatening. “, said the doctor.

Postoperatively, the patient’s condition was stable, with no abnormal developments.

The doctor recommends that, when being stabbed by sharp objects (knives, keys, …) , leading to death. The appropriate option is to immobilize the foreign body and take the victim to the nearest medical facility.

Minh Anh


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