The key entered the boy’s esophagus

Ho Chi Minh CityThe naughty two-year-old boy held the key in his mouth, was interrupted by his family, so he swallowed it in a panic.

The family used their hands to remove it unsuccessfully, taking the baby to Children’s Hospital 2 for emergency. The doctor checked and found a foreign object in the baby’s esophagus, the endoscope took out the 2×4 cm metal key.

X-ray image of a key stuck in a baby’s esophagus. Image: Hospital provides

According to Doctor Doan Thi Thanh Hong, Children’s Hospital 2, young children often put things in their hands into their mouths. Children who swallow sharp objects can perforate the esophagus, damage the digestive tract, and even be life-threatening. The hospital regularly receives children with foreign objects such as keys, rings, coins, toys…

The doctor recommends that parents keep small items out of the reach of children, limit jewelry and small toys that are easy for children to put in their mouths and swallows, especially removable toys. Pay attention when children play, carefully avoid situations that cause accidents.

The key is taken out.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

The key is taken out. Image: Hospital provides

If the child is unlucky enough to choke on a foreign object, absolutely do not try to pull it out with your hands, it will cause the object to drift deeper and deeper, causing danger. Quickly take the child to the nearest medical facility for timely examination and treatment by doctors.

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