The Kanye West Graduation Poster – The Graduate Poster

Kanye West Graduation Poster

Kanye West was named Best Pop Artist at the MTV Music Awards in 2021. While most people agree that it was his best album to date, many are surprised by his decision not to sign with Interscope. While some speculate that he never wanted to sign to Interscope or even the company, it is clear that Kanye West has always been a fan of their music. Some even consider them to be his favorite band ever. Here, we take a look at his brief history with Interscope as well as some basic information surrounding this legendary artist.

kanye west graduation

First, we will take a look at the start of his career. For those of you familiar with his music, you know that Kanye West is actually the co-writer and performing artist on the hit song “Love Lock Down.” This track was produced by The Neptunes. For a short period of time, Kanye was signed to Interscope. However, the company was not successful in promoting his music. Instead, they simply moved him to a new record label.

Kanye West has not released an Interscope album since 2021. However, it is clear that he is still very much a major player in the music industry. He recently did an interview with Oprah where he discussed how much he enjoys making music. Also, when asked what his top music influences were, he named Radiohead, Kanye West, and The Killers.

The Kanye West Graduation Poster – The Graduate Poster

One interesting piece of information about the graduation poster is that it states that West graduated from High School. Though it could be possible that this was either a mistranslation or that the poster was not actually given to West when he received his diploma, it still gives you an idea of the dedication and drive that he has for his music. It is also possible that the school that West graduated from was not Interscope, but rather some other place. However, there is no evidence that this is the case.

The Kanye West Graduation Poster also has a lot of great wisdom in it. After reading through the lyrics of the song “Runway [Explicit]” and listening to it a number of times, it seems as though West has been reflecting on his life and how he came to make some of his greatest music. It is no doubt that this is a very important lesson for young artists that are striving to achieve success.

The Kanye West Graduation Poster is an amazing piece of art. The message is clear and the message is profound. Anyone who knows West will tell you that he is a very driven individual that does what it takes to succeed in his career and follows no rules. Though it is hard to hear that sometimes, it is comforting to know that some people actually did benefit from his career.

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