The Joker Sequel, Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Has a Name and a Storyline

Batman adversary film director Todd Philips posted a photo of the star reading the script. For his nihilistic performance, the actor had won the Oscar for best actor.

With a billion dollars in worldwide receipts (for a 70 million budget) and two Oscars, including that of best actor for Joaquin Phoenix, Warner was not going to deprive itself of a sequel to Joker. This second installment finally has a script and a working working title –Madness for two-! The director of the first feature Todd Phillips remains at the helm of the project. He posted on Instagram a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading the manuscript.

A medical term (in French in the text), “Folie à deux” designates a psychosis shared by several people. The term had notably been the source of inspiration for a very good episode of the fifth season of the series X Files.

The choice of this title makes some connoisseurs hope that this second part features the “fiancée” of the Joker, Harley Quinn. In Birds Of Prey, she had the face of Margot Robbie. For others, it is a sign that the violence and rebellion of the Joker would spread to all of Gotham, as the initial film suggested.

A Scorsese aesthetic

Released in 2019, Joker told of the suffering, humiliation and descent into madness and release of Arthur Fleck, actor and clown struggling to find success and respect. With his sad mountebank make-up, he was quick to call himself Joker and to become the symbol of Gotham’s outcasts. Rather than relying on an escalation of special effects and battles, Todd Phillips had drawn on the harsh, sticky and ultra-realistic aesthetic of Martin Scorsese’s films of the 70s: Taxi Driver, The Waltz of the Puppets. Presented at the Venice Film Festival, Joker left with the golden lion.

Struggling to find the parade in the face of the extended universe of Marvel (the MCU), Warner, who owns the heroes of DC comics, has tried in vain to bring together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others in common adventures. But feature films Justice League and Suicide Squad have never been able to compete with the Avengers. Darker, rooted in our reality, the Joker by Todd Phillips and the recent The Batman by Matt Reeves, on the other hand, were completely embraced by the public. In The Batmanwhose cape is endorsed by Robert Pattinson, Irish comedian Barry Keoghan played an alternate version of a young Joker, already imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.


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