The iPhone 12 charger is officially sold in Vietnam, although the device has not yet arrived

10/26/2020 11:22 GMT + 7

A retailer started selling the iPhone 12 charger imported by Apple Vietnam, while the genuine device had to be sold in early December.

The fast charger for iPhone 12 was officially distributed by Apple in Vietnam through retailers. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 if planned must come new to be sold in early December.

The iPhone 12 charger is available at a retailer. (Photo: DDV)

The fast charging bureau for iPhone 12 with a capacity of 20W has just been put on shelves in Vietnam. The price of this charger is listed at 790 thousand dong, but it is being reduced to 590 thousand dong, with the quantity is not much.

The charger is imported and distributed by Apple Vietnam. This batch was produced in September 2020. The retailer said this is a batch of chargers exclusively for iPhone 12.

Apple introduced four iPhone 12 models two weeks ago, causing a stir charger and headset are not included inside the box as before. Apple took the reason of protecting the environment, but some people objected that this is how Tim Cook wants users to pay more to buy chargers or headphones.

Not only will the iPhone 12 not be bundled with headphones and chargers, it is reported that the upcoming iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XR will also not have these accessories in the box. This will make the product packaging more compact.

Due to the use of a USB-C to Lightning port, the iPhone 12 can be charged using chargers that use this standard. Lots of Android phone manufacturers, accessory suppliers, and Apple itself have USB-C chargers. Therefore, users can take advantage of the existing USB-C charging cable to charge the iPhone 12. In contrast, the iPhone 12 charger sold separately can also be used to charge other devices using the USB-C standard.

After Apple removed two accessories on the iPhone 12, it was reported that Samsung may do the same on its smartphones next year.

In the past, some manufacturers removed the headset in the box, mainly on low-cost machines to make the price more comfortable. There has never been any company that does not sell with a charger.

Besides the charger, other accessories for the iPhone 12 such as cases have been imported by some parties.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were already “handed”back to Vietnam on October 23. The price of the device is about 25 million dong with the iPhone 12 64GB model. IPhone 12 Pro 128GB model costs 27 million VND.

At the sale of early November, Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple is expected to officially sell iPhone 12 in Vietnam on December 4, with the listed price from VND 21.99 million, the highest of VND 43.99 million.


Close-up of iPhone 12 has just arrived in Vietnam, the cheapest is 23 million dong

Close-up of iPhone 12 has just arrived in Vietnam, the cheapest is 23 million dong

Last night, the first iPhone 12 arrived in Vietnam by hand. The cheapest version for the 128GB version of the device is currently priced at 23 million dong.


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