The iPhone 12 battery is disappointing to gamers, far behind Android

iPhone 12 can only play games continuously for 3 hours. With the Google Pixel 5, this is 5 hours and 5 minutes and the iPhone SE is 4 hours 59 minutes.

PhoneArena has just tested battery life with a number of popular phones today including: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE, Google Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 12.

The results show that iPhone 12 has the worst battery life compared to other smartphones, especially when playing 3D games.

Specifically, both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro only played 3D games for 3 hours, while the iPhone 11 was 7 hours and 37 minutes, the Google Pixel 5 was 5 hours and 5 minutes and the iPhone SE was 4 hours and 59 minutes.

The test continues with 2 more games, Call of Duty Mobile and Minecraft. But the results did not change.

“The battery on the iPhone 12 started to heat up and dropped quickly while playing games,” according to the page PhoneArena.

Perhaps the A14 Bionic chip isn’t optimized for gaming. When exiting game applications, the phone will function normally and no longer “drain” the battery.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro batteries have the same 2,815 mAh specifications. Photo: Ubergizmo

With the web browsing test, iPhone 12 maintained at 12 hours and 30 minutes. Consumption is equal to that of Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 5. Meanwhile, iPhone 11 Pro only “survived” for about 8 hours under the same conditions.

With a video playback test, both the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro lost to the competition. Specifically, the iPhone maintained a battery life of less than 7 hours while the Samsung Galaxy S20 was 10 hours 20 minutes and the Google Pixel 5 was 8 hours 49 minutes.

The Google Pixel 5’s battery capacity specification is 4,080 mAh, Samsung Galaxy S20 is 4,000 mAh, iPhone 11 is 3,110 mAh, iPhone 11 Pro is 3,046 mAh and iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are the lowest with only 2,815 mAh.

With the smallest battery parameters, the fact that the iPhone 12’s battery has a poorer life than other phones is understandable. It seems like being on par with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 5 when browsing the web has been an impressive result for the iPhone 12.

Apple has just updated the iOS 14.2 software beta, but did not mention improving the battery life of the iPhone 12.

According to the Zing

iPhone 13 can be equipped with more than 1,000 GB of memory

iPhone 13 can be equipped with more than 1,000 GB of memory

iPhone 12: Although the new iPhone 12 has not been released for a while, information related to the next generation of Apple smartphones has continuously appeared.


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