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The Indian Army, which became part of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Congo, foiled the attack of the rebel organization

Indian Army: Whether it is to protect the borders of the country or two-handedly from the terrorists, the Indian Army stands firmly everywhere. But now the sting of the Indian Army is ringing even across the seven seas. The latest example is of the African country, Congo, where a detachment of the Indian Army, which was part of the UN Peacekeeping Force, not only thwarted the attack of the rebel-organization but also repulsed it. According to the information, on May 22, the M-23 rebel organization in Shangi of the Rutshuru area of ​​the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) attacked the positions of the Congolese Army and the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ie MNUSCO (French word is MNUSCO). But suddenly attacked.

During this sudden attack, the rebels opened fire and tried to capture the positions of the United Nations and the Congolese Army. A contingent of the Indian Army was also involved in the MNUSCO as part of the peacekeeping mission. As soon as the attack took place, the Indian soldiers not only fought back but also repulsed the rebels. In this retaliatory action, the soldiers of other countries also helped the Indian Army, which is part of this peace mission. According to MNUSCO, two attack helicopters were also used against the rebels.

A contingent of the Indian Army in Congo since 1999
A contingent of the Indian Army has been stationed in the Congo, a civil war-stricken African country since 1999. This contingent is part of the MNUSCO Mission to the United Nations (UN). MNUSCO is a French word whose full form in English is United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Under the UN Charter, the Indian Army is stationed in the civil war-torn Congo and is trying its best to stabilize the situation.

Deployment of 3 thousand Indian soldiers
According to an Indian Army official, in the near future also if any kind of attack by the insurgent group is done on military bases, strategic roads and cities, then together with the armies of other countries involved in the UN mission thwarted all the efforts. will go. In the MNUSCO mission of the Indian Army, a whole brigade i.e. about three thousand soldiers are deployed, which is headed by a brigade rank officer. Many times the local militia has also tried to attack the Indian Army camp, which has been made unsuccessful every time by the Indian soldiers. Apart from this, soldiers of other countries are also stationed in Congo in this UN mission, but the highest number is of Indian soldiers.

Along with establishing peace, the army also gives humanitarian aid
Along with establishing peace among the militia, the Indian Army also provides humanitarian assistance to the local people. Apart from this, the Indian Army also operates a field hospital here. In the month of May last year, when a large volcano erupted in Congo, Indian soldiers came to the fore and moved people living nearby to safer places and were stationed in evacuated cities and villages to know about the impact of the lava of the volcano. It can be dealt with by giving quick information.

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