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The impact of the Chinese company Sinovac’s vaccine has come down, Turkey said – not 91.25 percent but 83.5 percent

Kovid-19 vaccine made by Chinese company Sinovac Biotech has been found to be 83.5 percent effective in disease prevention. Researchers in Turkey said on Wednesday that the final results of the third phase of human trials of the vaccine have been released. Interestingly, in the initial results, the vaccine was found to be 91.25 percent effective.

Chinese company makes Kovid-19 vaccine effective 83.5 percent

Murat Akova, head of last-stage human trials in Turkey, said that the final impact rate was based on 41 infections and 32 of them were given placebo. He said that the test of the effect of the vaccine during human testing is on the basis of at least one symptom and positive PCR test 14 days after the second dose. He also said that the vaccine prevented serious illness and hospital admission in 100 percent of the cases and that the six people who were admitted to the hospital were all part of the placebo group.

Serhat Unal, a member of the government’s Advisory Science Council, said, “No significant side-effects have been revealed during human trials, and anyway the vaccine is being used extensively in Turkey and no serious effects have been reported so far.” , So we can definitely say that this vaccine is safe. ” In the initial results, Turkey announced 29 infections in December and its effect was 91.25 percent.

Turkey revises Coronavac’s effect against the disease

Coronavac’s global human trials saw widespread impact on effective rates, which led to some criticism. Human trials of the final phase of the vaccine began in mid-September last year and included 10 thousand 216 voltiners. Out of them, 6 thousand 648 volunteers were vaccinated. In the human test, the number of men between the ages of 18 and 59 was 58 percent while the number of women was 42 percent.

Volunteer was administered two doses of the vaccine at an interval of 14 days, while in Turkey, the vaccine dose is being given to the common people at an interval of 28 days. Soon after the initial results were released, Coronavac received approval from the Turkish authorities for emergency use. In Turkey, 9.32 doses of the Coronavac vaccine have already been introduced to people across the country and the campaign started in mid-January. So far, two doses have been given to more than 2 million people.

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