The ICU is slow to receive F0 because of the overflowing mud

Ho Chi Minh CityHeavy rain caused water to flood, mud overflowed into the Covid-19 Intensive Care Center (ICU) under the charge of Hue Central Hospital, just completed in Tan Phu district, expected to receive F0 on August 19. .

Professor Pham Nhu Hiep (Director of Hue Central Hospital, in charge of this ICU Center) said that, on the afternoon of August 18, when the center had basically completed construction and equipment assembly, it suddenly rained heavily. pour down. “The center expected to receive patients for treatment, but there was a natural disaster that we had to immediately overcome. The plan to accept patients will be carried out in the next few days,” said Mr. Hiep.

The center is located in the field of field hospital 14, Tan Phu district, has 90 beds for intensive care (ICU), 162 beds for critically ill patients requiring oxygen, 252 beds for mild transitions and more than 100 beds. follow-up to be discharged from the hospital.

In recent days, Ho Chi Minh City has seen rain at night with very strong thunderstorms. Master Huynh Phuc Minh, Head of the Department of Disease Prevention and Facilities Management (Hue Central Hospital) said that everyone tries to save time eating and sleeping to fix the problem. Even in the night, GS Hiep also had to climb to the roof to check the roofing system. Currently, the problems caused by heavy rain have been basically fixed.

The entire staff of the ICU Center is in charge of troubleshooting by Hue Central Hospital. Photo: Ha Van Dao

On the afternoon of August 19, Director of the Medical Examination and Treatment Administration Luong Ngoc Khue visited and encouraged the doctors and nurses as well as checked and urged to overcome all difficulties and quickly bring serious patients into treatment. the best.

Khue noted that it is important to ensure the oxygen source – an important factor for treating serious patients, to check the ventilator system and other machines carefully so that when treating the patient, it will be convenient… In addition, this place should immediately set up a specialized team to give detailed advice to patients.

Of the nearly 300 staff members working at the ICU recovery center, most of them are from Hue Central Hospital and some other places such as C Hospital Da Nang, Vietnam – Cuba Hospital Dong Hoi, Central General Hospital Quang Nam province…

Hue Central Hospital has connected with districts 10, 12, Tan Phu… to promptly provide professional support on F0 intensive care for medical facilities in these districts as assigned by the Ministry of Health.

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Ho Chi Minh City have established 5 ICU centers for critically ill patients in the city, operated by large central hospitals, the biggest goal is to reduce the number of deaths. These centers belong to the highest level of treatment in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the other 4 centers are already accepting patients.

As of this morning, Ho Chi Minh City hospitals have treated more than 33,200 patients, of which 2,302 severe patients are on ventilators and 16 ECMO interventions.

Le Phuong