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The house has been adjourned till 12.30 according to Pakistan Time.

Pakistan Political Crisis Live Updates: Political instability is at its peak in Pakistan these days. Prime Minister Imran Khan has suffered a major setback after the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday evening. The Supreme Court has ordered voting on the no-confidence motion against the Imran government in the National Assembly today.

The Secretariat of the National Assembly of Pakistan has issued an order to hold a session on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan at 10.30 am today. This order has been issued after the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday overturned the decision of the Deputy Speaker in which the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan’s government was rejected.

Voting on the no-confidence motion will be held in the National Assembly today

Along with this, the court had directed to hold the session of the National Assembly at 10:30 for voting on the no-confidence motion. The court quashed all the steps taken after the no-confidence vote was dismissed. Simultaneously, the National Assembly was restored. As per the order of the Supreme Court, the Speaker of the National Assembly is under the duty to call and convene the meeting of the Legislative Assembly in the current session.

The top court, while pronouncing the verdict, said that the session of the National Assembly on the no-confidence motion should be held on Saturday and it should not be adjourned till the vote on the motion is taken. The Supreme Court also said that if Imran Khan is removed as a result of a no-confidence motion, the new leader of the House should be elected in the same session.

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