The hour is serious, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande return in Jean Dujardin and Grégory Gadebois

VIDEO – The Oscar-winning French actor and the former member of the Comédie-Française slip into the shoes of the two predecessors of Emmanuel Macron for Presidents. In this new comedy by Anne Fontaine, they will even join forces to try to save France.

“Dying is not easy”, Nicolas Sarkozy once said. Now the former President of the Republic is reborn in the guise of Jean Dujardin. Facing François Hollande, alias Grégory Gadebois. The actors play the two predecessors of Emmanuel Macron in the new comedy by Anne Fontaine. A first photo showing the two protagonists has just been unveiled and the resemblance, at least gestural, with the two former heads of state is both funny and striking. And let us note it, in spite of the presence of François Holland, or rather of his double of cinema, it does not seem to rain when the photo was taken. Or not yet…

This film entitled, simply and soberly, Presidents should be released in theaters in 2021. But the date has not yet been determined, Covid-19 and its variants oblige.

The synopsis? We deliver it to you in its official version: “Nicolas, a former President of the Republic, does not support the end of his political life. The circumstances allow him to hope for a return to the front of the stage. But he needs an ally. Nicolas will therefore go to Corrèze, to convince François, another former President (who is enjoying a happy retirement in the countryside) to team up with him. François pricks himself in the game, while Nicolas discovers that happiness may not be where he thought it was … And their respective companions, they will soon join in. ” Any resemblance to existing characters cannot therefore be accidental.

In her new comedy by Anne Fontaine is based on a historic compromise between the two Gaullist and socialist politicians, who after losing power will ignore their rivalry in an attempt to win it back. As often in the films of Anne Fontaine, the director adept of the scriptwriting opposite, will gradually lead Nicolas alias Jean Dujardin to change his philosophy of happiness …

Jean Dujardin, Sarkozy and OSS 117

Dujardin, who decidedly became the most coveted French actor, – he took over the costume of OSS 117 under the direction of Nicolas Bedos -, had the good fortune to please Nicolas Sarkozy in person. The former President of the Republic, praising the qualities of actor of the one who invented the crazy character of Brice de Nice, declared to Yann Barthès in his program: “Do you want me to tell you what I’m thinking?” Honestly, to embody myself physically, I prefer Dujardin to Podalydès.

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Denis Podalydès, prestigious member of the Comédie-Française, in fact, had played Nicolas Sarkozy in 2011 in The conquest by Xavier Durringer. And as a happy coincidence in the film of Anne Fontaine, the illustrious house of Molière will also be represented, this time, by Grégory Gadebois, who was a resident until 2012, in the skin of a named… François.


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