The Harder THey Fall on Netflix: Once Upon a Time Diversity in the West

CRITICAL – This western, the first film by musician Jeymes Samuel, brings together bandits and black vigilantes in a deluge of blood and hip-hop hits. An impetuous but imperfect dusting, served by big names: Idris Elba, Regina King, Jonathan Majors.

After the Civil War, a third of the cowboys who kept the herds were former slaves and their descendants dreamed of a better life. A demographic reality that is hardly apparent in classic westerns. “In these films that I adored and watched over and over as a child, women, blacks and Chinese are presented as submissive, invisible, and they take a back seat”, denounces Jeymes Samuel. British musician, singer Seal’s little brother, dynamites this narrow horizon in The Harder They Fall which makes cross on Netflix bandits and black vigilantes in a deluge of bullets and hip-hop hits.

This militant approach will undoubtedly attract a trial in Wokism. However, despite a convoluted scenario that multiplies the intermediate quests, his uninhibited energy deserves more than controversy around diversity. It dusted off the codes of the western with a beautiful savagery. Jeymes Samuel, of which it is the first feature film, holds the bridle short to his

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