The “grandpa saviors”: retirees advise entrepreneurs in difficulty

Their idea for France was to “bring together people, retirees, volunteers, competent, with experience and who were able to meet the needs of business leaders in great difficulty“. In the heart of Loir-et-Cher, the city of Blois is home to an association: the GPA 41. It flies to the aid of companies throughout the department. On this day, the volunteer” rescuers “welcome Fabrice Ferrand, a chef 49-year-old company in distress Its restaurant and nightclub are closed due to the health crisis.

Around him, an industrial boss, a notary, a banker or even an accountant: all are retired and put themselves at the service of Fabrice Ferrand. They analyze, advise and even activate their own networks. “Really, what motivates us is efficiency and the transmission of our skills“, details Patrick Couillaud, president of the association. They see a dozen entrepreneurs per week.

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