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The government of France closed a mosque located in the northern part of the country, this is the whole matter

France Mosque Closed: A decision has been taken to close a mosque located in France. The Emmanuel Macron government of the country has issued an order to close a mosque located in the northern part. It is being told that the Imam of the mosque used to give inflammatory sermons, due to which the decision has been taken to close this mosque. This mosque is in the city Beauvais, about 100 kilometers north of Paris. According to the local administration, an order has been issued to keep this mosque closed for six months.

French government closed the mosque

According to media reports, the teachings of the Imam of the mosque were promoting hatred and violence. At the same time, the imam’s preaching regarding jihad was being said to be quite provocative. More than 400 people are the followers of Imam in this mosque. The decision to close this mosque came after French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that the process of closing the mosque has been started. Minister Gerald said that the imam of the mosque was targeting “Christians, homosexuals and Jews” in his sermons.

Mosque’s imam accused of spreading hatred

According to media reports, the Imam of the mosque, which has been ordered to be closed, had recently converted to Islam. On the other hand, a lawyer for the organization that manages the mosque claims that they have filed an appeal to lift the ban on the mosque and it will be heard soon. The official document ordering the closure of the mosque states that the imam glorified the jihadists as heroes and labeled non-Muslims as enemies. Recently, several mosques in France are being investigated to see if they are spreading separatist ideology.

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