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The government is simplifying the administrative procedures for the death of a loved one or a child

Allow bereaved families not to relive the death of a loved one at each stratum of the French administration. Meeting with family associations, the government has drawn the outlines of its project intended to simplify the multiple procedures necessary for the 600,000 people confronted each year with the loss of a loved one.

→ REREAD. Leave for bereavement of a child, the bill adopted in the Assembly

This work, carried out jointly by the Ministries of Child Protection and the Public Service, should lead to the creation of a single death declaration system at the beginning of 2023. “The objective is to have a single referent to allow bereaved families not to explain their situation several times”declares Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Transformation and the Public Service.

An approach for all day-to-day services

A single declaration of death will make it possible to update the statuses with both health insurance and taxes, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), Social Security, Pôle emploi or pension funds. From the beginning of next year, it will be possible to complete an online questionnaire, on the website, to identify the deceased person and their situation. “The site will then specify the necessary steps and will carry them out automatically by only asking for supporting documents once, explains Amélie de Montchalin. If they must be made in paper format, the documents will be pre-printed and the letters will be prepared. »

In a second step, the departmental councils, which pay the allowance to disabled adults and the minimum old age, will be connected to this system, specifies the minister. “We will also include vehicle registration services, energy suppliers, mutual insurance companies and banks”she continues.

→ INVESTIGATION. Living again after the death of a child

The government also intends to deploy this system in all France services spaces in the territory, i.e. in nearly 2,100 homes at present. The process will also be possible by telephone on the “Allô Service public” line (at number 3939). During the health crisis, the defender of rights had alerted to the problems engendered by all-digital, and underlined the need for public services to provide local work.

“Do not leave families in anxiety”

At the same time, agents and social workers in contact with French people in bereavement will be trained to better meet their needs. “We must put this benevolence back at the heart of the public servicec, argues Amélie de Montchalin.(…) Agents are sometimes confronted with situations to which they feel they do not have the tools to respond. »

This initiative was originally intended for parents who have lost a child. To respond to the distress of the 13,000 parents who each year are faced with the death of their child, the government again wants to rely on human exchanges. Before receiving any mail whatsoever, families will first be contacted by CAF “between one to three days after the declaration of death, so as not to leave them alone in a moment of great anxiety, sometimes of great social fragility”says the Minister.

→ REREAD. “Politics must seize mourning”

While previously the steps required the removal of the name of the child from the family file, the procedures are changing. From the beginning of next year, family allowances will no longer be cut immediately, but three months after the child’s death. In addition, the flat-rate allowance paid in this situation (approximately €2,000 for families with annual incomes of less than €87,560) will be paid automatically.

As part of the Mental Health Conference, which ended in September by Emmanuel Macron, psychological support will also be offered to parents and bereaved families. Finally, a guide has been drafted to help relatives of the deceased and guide them through the process. It will be distributed in hospitals, town halls and by associations that support families.


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