The girl’s belly is as big as 6 months pregnant

Quang NinhA 16-year-old girl, two months of age, has an abnormally enlarged abdomen, severe pain, and weakness.

Doctors of Quang Ninh General Hospital on January 26, said the results of ultrasound, computed tomography detected cystic ovarian tumor occupying the entire lower abdomen of the patient. The tumor is large in size, 30 cm long, to the equivalent of a pregnant belly for about 6 months, squeezing the organs in the abdomen, causing the right pelvis.

The laparoscopic surgery team took out nearly 7 liters of mucus from the tumor, then completely removed the tumor. After surgery, the patient’s health has progressed positively, reproducing function preserved.

Large cystic tumor occupies the entire lower abdomen of the patient. Image: Hospital provided

Ovarian cyst is a common disease in women, the rate of malignancy increases with age. Puberty ovarian cysts appear only on one side of the ovary, some cases of both sides.

The cause of puberty ovarian cysts is due to hormonal changes, one of which is the incomplete development of the follicle. During development, the follicle can become incomplete, difficult to absorb nutrients becomes defective, leading to an overgrowth of the corpus luteum – a specific functional unit of the ovary, the opportunity for a tumor Ovarian cysts develop.

Doctor Vu Xuan Kien, Head of Oncology Department, said that in the early stage, adolescent ovarian cysts happen silently, with no symptoms, the manifestations may only be frequent shady abdominal pain below the navel area. easy to be missed. As the cyst grows larger, the baby can feel it because the abdominal wall at this age is quite thin.

Detected by ultrasound or periodic health check. In some cases, irregular menstrual cycle, early puberty, masculinity (dark mustache, hairy limbs), dull abdominal pain or bouts. The patient may experience frequent urination, difficulty urinating, and swelling of the legs.

The doctor said, the tumor in this girl is rare in size, easy to recur if not treated thoroughly. Tumors are not detected and treated early, dangerous complications can occur such as cyst twisting, cyst rupture, hemorrhage, compression of surrounding organs. Then, surgery to remove the tumor can reduce the chances of getting pregnant in the future.

Doctors recommend that women should have general gynecological examination, periodic abdominal ultrasound to detect abnormal early.

Thuy Quynh