The girl with the bracelet, the hour of truth on Canal +

Far from the clichés of many legal fictions, Stéphane Demoustier’s film stages, at 8.50 p.m., the judgment at the assizes of a teenage girl, brilliantly embodied by Mélissa Guers.

The problem with most of the so-called “trial” films of recent years is that they often miss the reality of a true criminal hearing. Nothing is fair, the dramaturgy is not restored, the procedure is jostled, the actors dressed as magistrates or lawyers are caricatured. In short, in the cinema – let’s not talk about television series – these are the foundations that are murdered.

Not in The Girl with the Bracelet. Just for that, but also for many other things, this clever thriller, released in 2019, is worth a look. The director, Stéphane Demoustier, understood the lessons of great classics like Twelve angry men, by Sidney Lumet or The truth, by Henri-Georges Clouzot. To prepare for his film, he went to see with his own eyes how it was going in the courtroom, and it shows.

Here is an oppressive work, stretched like the thread of a real trial, shot in one of the blood-red rooms of the very modern courthouse of

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