The girl was shocked with dengue fever after Covid-19

Ho Chi Minh CityBeing isolated at home because of Covid-19, the 6-year-old girl suddenly had a high fever, fatigue, and a drop in blood pressure due to dengue shock.

Doctor Nguyen Phuong Cat Vu, Department of Intensive Care, City Children’s Hospital, on September 16, said that her family is in the “Covid-19 red zone”, of Binh Chanh district.

After being found positive through a quick Covid-19 test and being isolated at home with the whole family for 12 days, the patient had a high fever continuously for 3 days, labored breathing, and was exhausted. Suspecting that the child had severe Covid-19 symptoms, the family took him to the City Children’s Hospital for emergency at the end of August. At this time, the child was excited, restless, his pulse was no longer caught, and his blood pressure was also low. incalculable depth.

Rapid test results and RT-PCR of patient samples showed that the patient was negative for Covid-19. However, the severe symptoms pointed to a much more dangerous disease, the child’s blood test was positive for the dengue virus that causes dengue. The condition is more serious when the patient is in deep shock, severe coagulopathy, gastric bleeding, ascites and pleural effusion, respiratory failure, liver damage. Doctors must quickly intubate the airway to support breathing, peritoneal puncture, administer vasopressors, macromolecule infusion, continuous blood transfusion and a series of other active resuscitation support for the child.

After more than 20 days of being closely monitored and cared for by ICU doctors, the girl has now tested negative for Covid-19 two more times. In particular, all organ functions severely affected by dengue fever are “recovering miraculously”. Today, the baby was able to smile when the doctors came to visit.

“The 6-year-old female warrior has graduated and ‘received a green card’ at the same time with Covid-19 disease and severe Dengue hemorrhagic fever, proud of her child,” said Dr. Vu.

According to Dr. Vu, children with Covid-19 still need to be consulted and closely monitor their health when being treated at home, especially overweight and obese children. Especially this is the changing season, children can get other dangerous diseases, such as dengue fever.

In the past two months, the City Children’s Hospital has saved the lives of dozens of children suffering from dengue shock, which has progressed heavily on the background of overweight and obesity. Doctors warn parents to monitor and detect early signs of dengue fever. Including children with high fever for more than two days; have one of the signs such as fussiness, restlessness, irritability or lethargy; stomachache; nosebleeds, bloody teeth or vomiting blood, black stools; cold hands and feet, lying in one place without playing, refusing to suckle, stop eating, etc., the child must be taken immediately to a medical facility for timely treatment to avoid serious complications.

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