The girl suffered from mental abuse

Answer VnExpressThe representative of the hospital leadership said that the baby was taken to the National Children’s Hospital for emergency in a state of septic shock, coma, circulatory failure, digestive disorders, severe prognosis. Doctors urgently intubated, resuscitated fluids, administered vasopressors, and delivered emergency resuscitation.

After 4 days of treatment, the patient was weaned from the ventilator but still had to continue to be monitored due to nerve damage.

Before, when receiving the baby, during the examination, the doctors discovered many abnormalities. The baby has a high fever, lethargy, vomiting, his legs have a lot of bruises, deep marks like being tied. “Suspected that the baby was being abused and the person who took the baby to the hospital was not the parent, the hospital reported it to the police and coordinated to clarify the incident,” the hospital leader said.

Initial verification, on July 28, the baby was taken to the National Children’s Hospital by the couple of the babysitter.

Dong Da District Police are investigating child abuse by the babysitter’s husband and wife. Authorities allege that, in the process of taking care of children, when they saw the baby’s fever and crying, the two used a phone charger to tie their legs, use wooden sticks and plastic hammers to hit their heads and people, and even use blankets to wrap and grab bandages. sticky gag. When the baby was tired and had trouble breathing, they took him to the hospital.

The case is being further investigated by the authorities.

The police are investigating child abuse by Doan Dieu Linh (left) and Hoang The Vu – a babysitter couple. Image: Hanoi’s polices


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