The funeral convoy supposed to transport Diego Maradona acclaimed by Argentines to Buenos Aires

The images bear witness to the madness that surrounded Diego Maradona in Argentina. After the news of his death, many residents of Buenos Aires took to the streets to cheer the convoy supposed to transport the remains of the former glory of football, in a fervor worthy of a World Cup victory.

“Maradona received too much love or not as it should be”

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a fan can be heard greeting the convoy from a bridge, repeatedly shouting: ” Gracias, Diego! Other footage shows the convoy arriving in front of a funeral home, where vehicles must make their way through a crowd of raging supporters.

“Maradona received too much love or not as it should be”

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A gathering also took place at the foot of the Obelisk, right in the center of Buenos Aires, the traditional meeting place for sporting celebrations. A little over a thousand admirers gathered there in the evening to pay a final tribute to their idol.

“When I learned of his death, it was as if my body had frozen, something very heavy fell on me”, says Gustavo Caballero, who came from the south of the capital.What was Maradona’s style made of?

The call for this rally, where some covered their shoulders with the Argentinian flag, had been launched by “The Maradonian church”, formed of the faithful who venerate the ” God “ Maradona.

Other fans gathered near the stadium that bears the name of the legendary star in the Argentine capital: in front of a mural depicting the face of the champion, an altar has been improvised, adorned with roses, candles and shirts bearing the iconic number 10.

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