The French Dispatch, Pig, Las Niñas… Films to see or avoid this week at the cinema

A tribute to New Yorker, the friendship between a pig and a hermit, the not so childish life of a little girl from Zaragoza. Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

A must see

The French Dispatch , a dramatic comedy by Wes Anderson, 1h48

The French Dispatch was filmed entirely in Angoulême but for the most part in the studio, which makes a big splash for lovers of the Angoulême city who will find it difficult to recognize Ennui-sur-Blasé. It is in this city that was established around 1950 The French Dispatch, a large circulation American magazine. Arthur Howitzer Jr., its editor, has just died and the title will cease to appear with its last breath. The members of his team get together to write his obituary based on their memories. This is the starting point for four stories.

Wes Anderson is the king of miniature, a fan of detail, a follower of elegance and precision. His meticulousness touches on poetry. His tribute to New Yorker multiplies the references, buzzes with quotes. Everything is overflowing with ideas and invention. It sometimes borders on overflow. Black and white succeeds color. A car chase is carried out in cartoon style. The Tractions Avant zigzag through the streets of the imaginary city. The music is inspired by Erik Satie. A gallery of characters scrolls past at a crazy pace. It is about opening the eye to spot Cécile de France, Liv Shreiber, Benjamin Lavernhe, Edward Norton. Elisabeth Moss draws equations on the board with chalk. É. S. and EN

To have

Pig , a thriller by Michael Sarnoski, 1h31

Former Portland Michelin-starred chef, Robin Field turned his back on fame and the city for a cabin in the woods in Oregon. Shaggy, washing himself in the streams, Rob’s only company is his faithful pig, with whom he enjoys mushroom pies. Together, they unearth truffles, which are immediately sold to Amir, a supplier of luxury products. One night, a bunch of junkies break into the slum and kidnap the pig. This kidnapping forces Rob to return to civilization. Tracking the kidnappers will bring him back to what made him renounce the world. CJ

Las Niñas , a drama by Pilar Palomero, 1h30

We’re too serious when we’re 11. Celia lives alone with her mother in Zaragoza. A new student arrives at her religious school. Brisa is from Barcelona. They will grow up together. They have giggles and secrets. They are neighbors, accompany each other in streets crushed by heat. Fellow calls Celia “Little orphan! “. Her father died before she was born. The girlfriends wear white shirts and navy V-neck sweaters. Sexuality begins to titillate them. It is not the lessons given to them by the nuns that are likely to provide them with information. They find condoms in a drawer at the mother of one of them. They play with it while giggling. […] Las Niñas has the impetus, the sincerity of a first novel where the author wants to say everything, but resists this desire. Pocket money, social differences, all of this is sketched out, suggested, more than shown. This is the correct method. A trip to the grandmother, a visit to the cemetery will serve as catharsis. At the end, Celia sings in a choir. His gaze is lost in the distance. What does the future hold for him? We at least hope that his past will help him not to become like the others. This is all the harm we wish him. É. NOT.

The divide , a dramatic comedy by Catherine Corsini, 1h38

The night rarely brings advice. Especially when you write texts. Raphaëlle has the sad experience of it in the early morning when her partner tells her that it is definitely over between them. So she hasn’t read his messages? “The one at 5:42 am, 5:46 am or 5:48 am?” “, retorts Julie exasperated. Raph (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi) wants to talk, Julie (Marina Foïs) has nothing more to say to him. Worse, she flees and does not turn around when Raph slips on the Parisian asphalt and falls heavily. The firefighters pick up a loose woman who is still talking. Direction the hospital. That same day, Yann (Pio Marmaï), a nice truck driver, arrives with a fanfare with his 38 tonnes in the streets of the capital. He comes to demonstrate with the “yellow vests” against Macron’s policy. He also talks a lot but the CRS are not there to listen to him. […] Catherine Corsini (An impossible love, The beautiful season) chose this arena to evoke the social divides that divide the country in what is his first comedy. She confronts a Parisian bobo, a cartoonist with a hysterical tendency, with a provincial worker, a truck driver with an excited tendency. FD

Barbaque , a comedy by Fabrice Éboué, 1h32

Éboué camps Vincent, indebted suburban butcher, despised by his wife Sophie (Marina Foïs), humiliated by his friend Marc (Jean-François Carey), a rich and vulgar industrial butcher. To make matters worse, her daughter’s boyfriend is a non-violent vegan but no less intolerant – neither meat nor wine: “Château Saint-Émilion? Auschwitz Castle, yes ” – that the commando which ransacked its shop. When Vincent accidentally crushes an animal activist, he turns him into ham that Sophie inadvertently sells. Customers are raving about this Iranian pork, a so-called farm saved from extermination during the Islamic revolution. É. S.

You can see

“Hammer retrospective: sex & blood” Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde , The Horrors of Frankenstein Where Again Scars of Dracula

At the end of the 1970s, the English studio revisited the great Gothic myths with a touch of modernity (gore, eroticism, humor, or all three at the same time). To (re) discover. É. S.

Forgiveness , a drama by Maryam Moghadam and Behtsash Sanaeeha, 1 h 45

In Iran, we don’t laugh. The straitjacket of society is heavy. Light veil on the head, Mina mourns her wrongly executed husband and searches for a culprit. “It was, after all, the will of God”, she hears herself answer. This elegant film avoids caricature and focuses on the relationships formed by the widow. Before getting bogged down. The plot would have deserved more twists. BP

To avoid

Last Night in Soho , a horror film by Edgar Wright, 1 h 57

Apprentice stylist harassed by her peers, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) is a fan of the sixties and prone to visions. That’s good. The room she rents to an old Londoner (Diana Riggs) provides her with a direct portal to her fetish decade that she discovers through the eyes of the luscious Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy, star of the Lady’s game), aspiring singer under the thumb of a dubious impresario. After half an hour in candy colors and naive optimism, the fable slips into a gory and ugly “giallo”. Superimposing feminist story, allegory of madness with the codes of the film of ghosts (sad specters ravaged by bad special effects worthy of Buffy the vampire slayer), this time travel turns into indigestible millefeuille with the predictable outcome. CJ

Him , a thriller by Guillaume Canet, 1h28

The poor. This composer is down. To find inspiration, he takes refuge in a Breton island. In the house, the piano is out of tune. In the film, there is no right note. Canet did everything: he wrote, directed, interpreted the main character and even his double. It’s too much and it gives Too beautiful for you missed. To an air by TenCC, the artist’s imagination summons his entourage, family and mistress, in his overworked mind. This storm under a skull blows in the void. A knife in the belly as in Cold buffet, three in a bed as in My friend’s wife : it’s silly to imitate Bertrand Blier. He is the only one who knows how to make Blier. The dialogues fall flat. The absurd is not at the rendezvous. All this quite embarrassing. Efira and Casta are doing as best they can. Only the house with the blue shutters is doing well. But after that, who is going to want to rent it out next summer? It is absolutely necessary to point out to Canet that an impostor has usurped his identity to turn this thing. We only have our eyes left to cry in the face of this unsuccessful disaster. Prepare your handkerchiefs. The little ones? É. NOT.


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