The fourth person died after vaccination in Thanh Hoa

Female patient, 36 years old – one of more than 60 people who had a reaction after receiving Vero Cell vaccine at Kim Viet Shoes Company, died after more than 2 days of ECMO intervention.

On the morning of November 26, the leader of Thanh Hoa Province’s Health Department said that this is the 4th case of death related to the Covid-19 vaccination incident in Nong Cong district three days ago. This woman is among 9 workers being treated at Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital, which has a critical prognosis.

The remaining 8 patients are being treated at Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital with stable health. Nearly 60 other people with mild symptoms, are being monitored at Nong Cong District General Hospital, are also making good progress, psychologically stable, waiting to be discharged. All are female, 25-30 years old, workers of Kim Viet Shoes Company. They, along with about 400 company workers, were vaccinated with Vero Cell vaccine on November 23.

Present in Thanh Hoa last night, right after the request of the Ministry of Health, Doctor Nguyen Van Chi (Head of Emergency Department A9, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi) said that the support team had coordinated with the hospital, The Department of Health consults and treats patients. In which, 6 people (the heaviest) treated at the provincial general hospital have made good progress, have given up antihypertensive drugs, may stabilize in the next few days.

According to Dr. Chi, these patients have anaphylaxis after injection, are in the group of severe reactions, will experience inflammation of the injection muscles, decreased urine output, etc. The group of patients is being monitored at Nong Cong Hospital. Most of the reactions are normal after injection, no drop in blood pressure, no anaphylaxis, only headache, mild hand pain.

Kim Viet Shoes Company operates normally after the vaccination incident on November 23. Photo: Lam Son

Previously, on November 18, Nong Cong district was granted 53,000 doses of Vero Cell vaccine according to the Covid-19 vaccination plan. At the same time, the district received two vaccines Moderna and Abdala. On November 23, the district started injecting the Vero Cell vaccine first for 13,400 people who received the first dose (as planned, the second dose will be given) and 16,500 people aged 18-49 who received the first dose.

However, when injecting about 10,000 doses, dozens of female workers of Kim Viet Shoes Company showed unusual symptoms, of which 5 had anaphylactic reactions. They received first aid on the spot and transferred to Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital for treatment, along with many workers with mild symptoms.

On the morning of November 24, two people died, the third person died in the afternoon of the same day. On the afternoon of November 25, another person died.

The expert advisory council met on November 25 to assess the initial cause of the complication “due to anaphylaxis after vaccination with Vero Cell vaccine”. The Council assessed that the process of distributing, receiving, preserving and transporting vaccines at the Provincial Center for Disease Control, the Health Center of Nong Cong district and the vaccination point at Kim Viet Shoes Company are implemented in strict accordance with regulations. regulations of the Ministry of Health and the National Expanded Immunization Program.

“The organization of vaccination, screening, vaccination, post-vaccination health monitoring, etc. is carried out according to regulations, professional errors have not been detected in the organization of vaccination, screening, injection, etc. monitoring health after injection”, said Mr. Trinh Huu Hung, Director of Thanh Hoa Department of Health.

Thanh Hoa Department of Health proposes to suspend Verocell vaccination with batch B2021103398 across the province while waiting for the Ministry of Health to make a final decision. On November 25, the Ministry of Health sent experts from Bach Mai Hospital to Thanh Hoa to help find the cause.

Le Hoang – Le Nga