The film Les Segpa, produced by Cyril Hanouna, accused of caricature of schoolchildren with educational difficulties

The host has unveiled the first images of this new feature film which will be released in April 2022. A trailer much criticized on social networks, denounced as “Stigmatizing” for pupils in difficulty in these classes.

TV host and producer, actor, Cyril Hanouna is now a film producer. He unveiled the first trailer for the film yesterday on his Twitter account. The Segpa, the film by Hakim and Ali Bougheraba that he produced.

Many Internet users were indignant at these first images, which foreshadowed a far from tender comedy with the schoolchildren affected in these classes for students in difficulty.

On Twitter in particular, several people expressed their anger to the host of Do not touch My TV.

A trailer that does not pass either for the author and teacher in classes Segpa Rachid Zerrouki, who has cracked a series of tweets.

The author of the book The Incasables, who deals with his daily life as a teacher with these students in difficulty, also explains that the students of Segpa “Are marked by these bad jokes and these repeated caricatures. Each is a simple injury to the ego but their daily accumulation is a torture with lasting psychological consequences. ”

Segpa classes only exist in middle school, and accommodate a maximum of 16 students per class. The Ministry of Education defines them as classes for pupils “Presenting significant academic difficulties that cannot be resolved by academic aid and support”. Adapted course hours and an adapted pace of work in order to help these young people in difficulty as much as possible, and to support them towards vocational training or further studies in high school.

This film does not come out of nowhere. The Segpa is indeed a successful web series created in 2016 by Hakim Bougheraba and Ichem Boogy. Several videos posted on Youtube exceed 10 million views. In the casting of this adaptation, some famous faces of French humor such as Alban Ivanov or Issa Doumbia. To get an idea of ​​the quality of this comedy and to see whether or not it denigrates pupils with educational difficulties, you will have to wait until April 20.


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