The film Barbaque, by Fabrice Éboué: the anguish pig

CRITICAL – A couple of butchers turn into vegan serial killers. Fabrice Éboué plays with the ambient food hysteria in a cheerful satire. Not suitable for people with intolerance to gore.

Alone on stage or with others at the cinema (Starting point, The Botswanga Crocodile, Coexist), Fabrice Éboué is not afraid of black humor or bad taste. In these days of triumphant hygiene and quinoa, we take back a ladle. The dish of the day is Barbaque, gore comedy between It happened close to you and Tarantino.

Éboué camps Vincent, indebted suburban butcher despised by his wife Sophie (Marina Foïs), humiliated by his friend Marc (Jean-François Carey), a rich and vulgar industrial butcher. To make matters worse, her daughter’s boyfriend is a non-violent vegan but no less intolerant – neither meat nor wine: “Château Saint-Émilion? Auschwitz Castle, yes ” – that the commando which ransacked its shop. When Vincent accidentally crushes an animal activist, he turns him into ham that Sophie inadvertently sells. Customers are raving about this pork from Iran, a so-called farm saved from extermination during the Islamic revolution.

Blood sausage or roast

We can never say enough

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