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The fiercest battle going on in these two cities of Ukraine, read the full ground report of the 40th day

ABP News reached Mariupol (Mariupol) and Donetsk border on the 40th day of the Russo-Ukraine war. These two cities of the Donbass area, adjacent to the Rostov on Don area of ​​Russia, are currently battling the most fierce battle. On Monday itself, the Russian-backed Donetsk militia claimed to have liberated Mariupol from Ukrainian occupation.

Mariupol is just 120 miles away from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. There is the city of Donetsk at 150 km. At present, the most fierce war between Russia and Ukraine is going on in these areas of Donbass. Apart from this, the distance of Luhansk is also just two hours. There are two border checkposts of Ukraine adjacent to Rostov. One is the Veselo-Voznesenka border checkpost, which is about 60-70 kilometers from the city of Rostov. Beyond this, Mariupol is only 60 km and Donetsk city is 90 km. Russia has announced the creation of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) by separating this whole area from Ukraine, including Mariupol, in the name of this Donetsk city.

On Monday, the team of ABP News was on the Mariupol border, on the same day the Russian-backed Donetsk militia claimed that Mariupol had been completely liberated from Ukraine. Russia had captured the city of Mariupol, but a large steel plant located here was occupied by the Ukrainian army. The Donetsk militia, together with the soldiers of the Chechnya Battalion of Russia, has also driven out Ukrainian soldiers from here. Chechnya soldiers have also released a video of it.

The city of Rostov is the headquarters of the South Military District, or Theater Command, of the Russian Army. Soldiers, tanks, and helicopters have been sent from here to fight the Ukrainian army in the Donbass area. The Chechnya Battalion also comes under this command, whose fighters are wreaking havoc in Ukraine. Russia has a Veselo-Voznesenka border checkpost, from which Mariupol is 60 km and Donetsk is 90 km. When we arrived here, a large number of refugees were arriving here from Mariupol and Donetsk. The movement of military vehicles is happening here as well as attack helicopters are also visible in the sky. We were allowed to go till the border checkpost only after very tight security and checking our passports and other documents.

The city of Rostov is situated on the Azov Sea, the world’s most shallow sea. The Don River, passing through the city of Rostov, joins the Azov Sea here. Azov Sea has become the most sensitive sea these days due to Ukraine war. Because if Rostov on Don is to the east of the Azov Sea, then Ukraine’s Mariupol is at the western end. Mariupol has been completely destroyed in the fighting of the last one month. From this Azov Sea, the Russian Navy had fired missiles at Mariupol from its warships, then Russia got a decisive victory.

This Azov Sea is adjacent to the Black Sea and now the Russian Navy has increased its deployment here so that Ukraine cannot get any help through the sea. From this Azov Sea, the Russian Navy had fired missiles at Mariupol, then Russia got a decisive victory here. On Sunday itself, England’s intelligence agency, ‘Defense Intelligence’ said that Russia has blocked Ukraine’s naval blockade in the Black Sea and Azov Sea, due to which Ukraine is not getting any help by sea.

There is also a second crossing from Rostov to enter Ukraine ie Donbass area, which is known as Donetsk checkpost. Although its name is Donetsk, but the city of Donetsk is about 300 kilometers from here. From here however, Luhansk (or Lugansk), the second largest city of the Donbass, is very close. A large number of movement of vehicles from Luhansk and Donetsk provinces can be seen here. Luhansk has also been declared a separate country by Russian President Putin. Here too, the war of supremacy continues between the Russian-backed militia and the Ukrainian army. However, the Russian military says that a large part of Luhansk is now under Russian jurisdiction.

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