The fetus has prolapsed umbilical cord, sticking its leg out of the mother’s door

Ho Chi Minh CityA 29-year-old pregnant woman, 32 weeks pregnant, went to the emergency room because her water suddenly broke, the baby’s legs and the umbilical cord swooped out.

Doctor Ta Thi Thanh Thuy (Acting Medical Director cum Head of Obstetrics Department, City International Hospital) said that when a pregnant woman went to the emergency room last week, the fetal heart beat quite slowly, about 100-120 times per minute. (normally around 140-160). Determining that this is a rare case of umbilical cord prolapse that leads to the prolapse of the fetus’s legs, the crew used a warm towel to wrap the umbilical cord and the baby’s legs, raised the mother’s buttock to avoid compressing the umbilical cord, and at the same time moved to the emergency room. surgery.

Umbilical cord prolapse is one of the most urgent obstetric emergencies. In the womb, the baby lives on the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord acts as a bridge to bring the mother’s blood through to nourish the fetus because the baby’s lungs are not working yet. Umbilical cord prolapse has many degrees, especially the state of umbilical cord prolapse but the amniotic fluid has broken, the umbilical cord prolapses out of the mother’s vulva is extremely rare and extremely dangerous. minutes, otherwise the umbilical cord will be dry, the baby not receiving blood from the mother will be in danger of life.

Due to the woman’s cervix not fully dilated, Dr. Thuy quickly decided to have an emergency caesarean section to take the baby out within 3 minutes. The doctor skillfully retracted the baby’s bottom and legs, bringing it out safely. The baby girl weighed 2.65 kg, with no complications, injuries or fractures.

Because the baby was still premature, the pediatric team was present at the operating room to promptly resuscitate. About three minutes later, the baby could breathe on his own, had reflexes, his lips and body were gradually pink, and was transferred to the Pediatric Resuscitation Department for care. Currently, the baby’s vital indicators are normal and healthy.

Doctor Thuy said she was very worried when consulting and directing this surgery. This is one of the dangerous and difficult obstetric emergency situations due to the great time pressure. With each passing minute, the baby’s chances of survival decrease and the risk of complications for the mother increases. In addition, the baby in the breech position with the legs sticking out of the mother’s door also makes it difficult for the doctor during the cesarean section, the risk of injury to the baby is very high if handled professionally.

“This is a very lucky case thanks to the patient’s husband who reacted quickly to the situation, knew how to use a wet towel to wrap the umbilical cord and immediately went to the hospital,” the doctor said. Thanks to that, when going to the emergency room, the baby’s umbilical cord is not dry and still beating.

Medical doctors operating for pregnant women. Photo: Minh Tam

The husband of the pregnant woman said that when he called a taxi to go to the emergency room at night, he was afraid that he would lose his child, his wife was in danger. “When I went to the hospital, I felt very reassured and grateful,” said the patient’s husband.

The doctor recommends that when a woman is at 32 weeks pregnant, if her amniotic fluid breaks out, she should seek immediate medical attention because there is a possibility that the umbilical cord has prolapsed in the vagina. In case your water breaks and there is a umbilical cord protruding outside your mouth, you must immediately use a towel dipped in warm water about 38 degrees Celsius to wrap the umbilical cord while moving. At the same time, pregnant women must limit walking and sitting, should only lie down as much as possible. It is important to get to the hospital as quickly as possible to get the baby out in time and save the baby’s life.

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