The Father, labyrinthine jewel by Florian Zeller on Canal +

CRITICISM – Carried by the incandescent game of Anthony Hopkins, the first feature film by the French playwright crowned by his two Oscars is heartbreaking. Not to be missed this Wednesday February 2 on Canal + at 10:50 p.m. and on MyCanal.

For some time, he has sometimes been aware of not being completely clear with reality. As if he had become a kind of minotaur trapped in a mental labyrinth, Anthony (Imperial Hopkins having obtained a second Oscar for his performance) struggles in silence in his London apartment. Octogenarian having been accustomed all his life to lead a high train, he refuses the presence of all the caregivers offered to him by his daughter played by Olivia Colman (The Favorite, The Crown).

Mysterious mood swings

However, through small details, the viewer quickly understands that the old man has gradually become locked in an inner maze, at the heart of which it is increasingly difficult to distinguish dream memories from reality… Olivia Coleman tries to understand what happens to this father she loves so much. She tries to plug the gaps, shows infinite patience in the face of inconsistencies, mysterious mood swings, without forgetting the points of exasperation or the distinguished irony that…

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