The Eye of INA: Dani, the thousand lives of a muse

Madelen lets review a report by 24 hours a day in which the interpreter of like a boomerang evoked, in 1971, his passion for motorcycling and speed born of his love for The fury of living.

Dani was not always at the party, even if her life really began on November 11, 1963. That day, having barely arrived from her native Perpignan, she rushed to the Champs-Élysées which made her dream since her very young years. In the Catalan country, she studied beautician and drawing to please her parents, but her ambitions are other: she wants to become a model. With the freshness, even the unconsciousness of the beginner, she goes to the offices of French daysRond-Point des Champs-Élysées, and simply says “I want to take pictures!“. And it works ! Luc Fournol, the artistic director, hired him to present junior fashion. She then joined an agency where her notoriety grew.

On the Flore terrace, she met Zouzou, the muse of 1960s fashion. Their friendship gave birth to a record that opened the door to songwriting for Dani. She interprets one of them in a report by 24 hours a day, proposed by Madelen. She talks about her passion for motorcycling and speed born of her love for The fury of livinghis cult film, and rock.

It is however on very different rhythms that she knows her first discographic successes. A refrain from the 1930s, When Charlie played the saxophone, created by Georgius allows him to enter the hit parade, and earned him criticism from opponents of de Gaulle, convinced that this refrain is a hymn to the glory of the general. She does it again in the same way with Dad just married the maid, recorded 40 years earlier by Georges Milton. This is how she was spotted by Jean-Marie Rivière who included her in the review of the Alcazar de Paris, where she was to perform every evening for three years. verses titled Life at 25, earned her being selected to represent France at Eurovision. A few days before the competition, Georges Pompidou disappeared and, as a sign of mourning, his participation was cancelled.

An intergenerational muse

No one would imagine then that, three decades later, she would become the muse of a new generation thanks to like a boomerang a duet with Étienne Daho on verses written and composed by Serge Gainsbourg in 1975, which have remained unpublished. She then continued in the same vein, barely two years ago, with golden horizons and was about to release a new album, Attention, departure!.
In the meantime, she had fallen on hard times. There were those years ofartificial paradises which plunged him into hell, but also the time when, after creating a flower shop In the name of the Rose, she trusted partners who, with her agreement, transformed this brand into a chain, but stripped her of all her rights. She then found herself penniless.
Other activities have marked her career: in the 70s and 80s, she directed and animated The Adventure, a nightclub where all of Paris partied every night. She also showed her acting skills, especially in two films directed by François Truffaut: The American night and love on the run. They met for the first time in a bakery where they bought chocolate rolls for the snack of their respective children who attended the same school. One more boost to an extraordinary destiny


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