The Eternals: the Anglo-Saxon press dubious in front of the last Marvel

In this film by Chloé Zhao, the earth becomes the battlefield of cosmic entities. The succession of the Avengers is far from assured.

The Eternals, the new film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, releases November 3 in France and November 5 in the United States. Directed by Chloé Zhao, it stars Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie and Brian Tyree Henry, in the first installment of a new franchise, based on the comic book series of the same name. The feature film, presented to English and American critics, struggles to convince. Will these supercharged Avengers manage to take up the torch abandoned by Captain America and Iron Man?

A movie “refreshing” and “unique”

A refreshing and romantic reminder of the power and purpose of movie events.»From the title, The Observer is rave about the Eternals. The newspaper is enthusiastic about this film “Who builds myths around characters whose inordinate powers live up to their emotions and whose epic adventures through immortality have left them with a shattered understanding of the nature and worth of humanity. In doing so, he helps us understand and find meaning in our own fractured world ”, greet the weekly.

Phastos is homosexual; Makkari is played by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff … The Eternals is the first Marvel feature film to include new character typologies rarely seen on screen. Winning bet according to The Observer, who appreciates “How the identities of the culturally representative team play a powerful and essential role in the theme and the story; it’s not just a series of checkboxes.

Heartwarming for those who really love the Marvel formula and disheartening for those who are hoping to finally have a truly different MCU movie


ScreenRant salutes a movie “unique” in the universe of Marvel superheroes, “An epic and thrilling superhero adventure all of its own, with an enthralling emotional heart, beautifully showcased by Zhao’s directing.” The site specializing in the 7th art nevertheless weighs its judgment, specifying that “Despite all the attempts of Eternals to set itself apart from other MCU movies – and it largely succeeds – this is still a Marvel movie. It can be heartwarming for those who really love the Marvel formula, and disheartening for those who are hoping to finally have a truly different MCU movie. “

The choice of Chloé Zhao questions

Chloé Zhao was previously known for her work as a successful freelance director, including The Rider and especially Nomadland, which won her the Oscar for best film and best director earlier this year. The filmmaker thus connects two films with diametrically opposed budgets and ambitions.

The movie looks very standard” for Variety , which denounces a certain compromise on the part of the director. “His previous films are raw and real enough to resemble staged documentaries, but they are edited together, frame by frame, with startling pointillist precision. The Eternals have none of that», Regrets the magazine. “It is clear that in committing to this project, Zhao has decided to put aside his very expressive and idiosyncratic style and to bow to the expository conventionalism of Marvel cinema. It’s a disappointment ”, completes the American review.

You come out depressingly realizing that you’ve just seen one of the most interesting movies Marvel has ever made and hopefully the least interesting Chloe Zhao will ever make.

Los Angeles Times

Going on the technical side of the production, The Hollywood Reporter believes that Chloe Zhao “To some extent hijack the ubiquitous fantasy genre to fit its usual vein of humanistic intimacy measured against a vast canvas of the natural world.”

“You go out [de la séance] depressingly realizing that you’ve just seen one of the most interesting movies Marvel has ever made and hopefully the least interesting Chloe Zhao will ever do, ” Write the Los Angeles Times. Very divided on the merits of the film, the newspaper qualifies it as “Breath of fresh cosmic air that eventually becomes stale.”

Just “watchable”

With the exception of The Observer, the English press did not like this new Marvel. The BBC judges the feature film “watchable“, but also “most disappointing in the Marvel universe“. “The Eternals score high in terms of sexual, ethnic and gender diversity, but low in memorization»Deplores British radio and television, echoing the film’s deliberately inclusive approach.

On the side of Telegraph , we judge the film “tasteless”. “Maybe we were hoping that the 26th Marvel movie would take the franchise out of its comfort zone. But the franchise is nothing more than a comfort zone, which makes his latest entry an instant white elephant ”, deplores the daily.

the Guardian only concedes two out of five stars. The newspaper praises “Great shots and personal drama in her superhero debut, but there’s too much mythology to explain.” Like the majority of his colleagues from across the Channel, the journalist was generally bored. “It’s like arriving in Avengers: Endgame without having seen any of the previous episodes. Most mortals will simply find that it is too much. Bigger isn’t always better.


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