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The Estates General of Education want to bring business closer to school

“Reconcile education with the world and changing professions. “ This is one of the seven priority challenges that have emerged over the Estates General led by Upward; twenty months of a vast consultation which brought together young people, families, professionals and educational players, the State and local communities, businesses and unions. An unprecedented process which leads to the presentation, this Thursday 1er July in Paris, a white paper, a “ready-to-use” program intended in particular for candidates for the next presidential election.

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The question raised here is that of the “Educational responsibility” companies, comments Marc Vannesson, general manager of Vers le haut. “Companies can no longer be content to criticize an inadequate education system and expect schools to send them immediately employable candidates. They must engage in the educational process. This also supposes that the school abandons its mistrust of the economic world, which often refuses to “provide the boss with flesh”. ”

Educational impact indicators

Among the proposals that have emerged, the idea of ​​measuring the educational impact of each company, by integrating into their extra-financial reporting “Ambitious indicators” relating, for example, to financial contributions to research, to grants awarded, to training commitments for young people in the regions.

It is also about “Generalize and promote the commitment of employees (even retirees) in skills sponsorship (especially educational) in all types of companies (including SMEs)”. The objective is more broadly to ” involve companies to ensure a lifelong learning continuum (schools, activity, retirement, etc.): for example, by strengthening the reception of young students, by contributing to the guidance of young people, by making companies aware of the training of young people… ”

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Filling the gap between schools and businesses also means highlighting the many initiatives that already exist in this area and that Vers le haut has started to identify. Among them, the Manufacto project, launched by Hermès, which works in schools to make young people aware of the crafts and change their outlook on craftsmanship by allowing them to learn about skills.

Lifelong learning

The think tank (laboratory of ideas, Editor’s note) also cites the initiative of LVMH which created two institutes, in Drôme and Seine-Saint-Denis, to get adult dropouts afloat thanks to 700 hours of intensive training in six months. “The issue of education, taken in the broad sense, is also based on lifelong training”, insists Marc Vannesson, citing the example of companies that train former employees to become executives ” by relying in particular on management skills that they had developed in the field of sport or through association involvement ”.

Along with the White Paper, the Estates General also gave rise to the drafting of an education charter. It indicates that “Everyone has the right to receive an education that promotes their development, allows them to develop their self-confidence, their abilities and their talents, to master the French language and culture, to raise their level of initial and continuing training, to integrate into social and professional life, exercise citizenship and contribute to the common good in freedom, equality and fraternity ”. This document also establishes as a principle that of a “Child actor of his education” and emphasizes the role of parents, “First educators of their children”, as is also the social doctrine of the Church.

Supported by three senators and three deputies from different sides, a parliamentary draft resolution was tabled on Wednesday, June 30. This text – without immediate legal significance – calls for this charter to be backed by the Constitution, as is the environmental charter.


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