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The enthusiasm of young people for F1

The trend may seem anachronistic. While young people say they are concerned about the future of the planet, many are passionate about a sport that does not have a very ecological image: Formula 1. , on site, tickets are selling like hot cakes. How did this sport, once mainly popular with mechanical enthusiasts, become fashionable with a younger and more feminine audience?

A lot has changed in the world of Formula 1 in recent monthsnotes Lionel Froissart, specialized journalist. The commercial exploitation of this sport has been taken over by an American company, Liberty Media, which has been able to implement a very effective communication strategy. While Bernie Ecclestone didn’t want to hear about the Internet, they invested in social networks and opened the paddock to personalities. »

“They are very strong in storytelling”

But their brilliant idea was above all to launch, in partnership with Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, a documentary series that shows behind the scenes and the lives of pilots. Until now, we saw them in combination during the Grand Prix, that is to say essentially in their sporting activity and, there, we discover them in their daily life.explains Lionel Froissart. The series is inspired by reality but everything is very scripted to create a rivalry, more or less real, between the pilots and arouse the interest of the public who can then find them on the grand prix. »

It was through this series that Juliette, 25, discovered Formula 1. “A friend convinced me to watch and I was captivatedshe says. At Netflix, they are very strong in storytelling and we end up getting attached to the pilots. » The young girl and her group of friends meet regularly to watch the Grand Prix together. “The tradition is to share this moment around a brunch”, she says. Juliette admits that she has not, however, become an unconditional fan of F1, but she has discovered a sport that she did not know and which she found more interesting than expected.

In our opinion

If the enthusiasm of young people for this sport is surprising in a context of ecological crisis, it should be remembered that the cars have hybrid engines and that the stated objective of the manufacturers is to move towards cleaner single-seaters. In addition, this popularity is not necessarily linked to the sport itself, but to the experience of the pilots featured in the series.


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