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Scientists hope the vaccine can fight Deltacron to a certain extent, having partially worked against previous resistance to mutations.

According to Thomas Peacock, a doctoral student at Imperial College London, current vaccines work mainly by inducing an antibody response against the mutated protein of the virus.

“In most hybrids, the mutated portion is inherited from a virus, so don’t expect much difference from the previous strain,” he said.

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, agrees. “I hope vaccines can work the way they do against Omicron because Deltacron is a hybrid with a mutant protein from Omicron. The vaccine has been partially effective against previous resistance to mutations,” Amesh Adalja said.

Covid-19 testing in France, the country where the Deltacron variant was detected. Image: Reuters

People who are not vaccinated or have not had enough shots have a higher risk of severe Covid-19 or death than those who are fully vaccinated. Experts recommend that older adults and people with existing health problems be vaccinated.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said that a fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine in the human body is necessary. CEO Albert Bourla said in a recent US television interview that his company is working on a vaccine that can fight all variants of Covid-19, effective for at least a year.

On the issue of whether to blockade when Deltacron spreads, Ms. Van Kerkhove, WHO epidemiologist shared: “We cannot allow Covid-19 to spread at an intense level. However, that does not mean that we can’t allow Covid-19 to spread. forcing everyone to stay at home completely. We can use simple measures in many different approaches.”

Countries that stick to a “no Covid” strategy like China may continue to see a blockade measure as necessary. China imposed many strict restrictions in cities: Shenzhen, Shanghai and Changchun to contain the outbreak. “China’s not dealing with Deltacron, but Omicron BA.2, or stealthy Omicron,” Irwin Redlener, founding director of the National Center for Disaster Prevention, told MSNBC.

While the researchers warn there is a lot of hype about how dangerous the SARS-CoV-2 virus variants cause fear to the public, they also stress it’s important to keep an eye on how these variables work. can develop. WHO asserts that a robust worldwide surveillance system for Covid-19 is needed to combat current threats.

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