The ecosystem for the Digital University at PTIT has been initially formed

The activities of digital transformation of education, gradually forming an ecosystem for the Digital University are continuing to be promoted by the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT). Many school activities have been moved to the digital environment.

“Digital University” is not far away

The occasion of celebrating Vietnam Teachers’ Day on November 20 this year is very special and impressive for lecturers, students and educational administrators at the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT).

Due to the impact of the epidemic, instead of holding a direct gratitude ceremony, in addition to the wishes sent through online connection channels such as PTIT S-Link’s internal social network, groups and fanpages of schools, faculties and departments. In addition, teachers at PTIT also received unique gifts, including videos from the Wall News 4.0 contest for students of the whole school.

At the online graduation ceremony, PTIT announced the establishment of a network of alumni and students.

Right before that, on November 18, more than 1,000 students of the Academy marked their learning and training journey with an unprecedented online graduation ceremony in PTIT’s 24-year history of operation.

On October 15 and October 25, respectively, the school also held the opening ceremony of the new school year and job matching week for students online for the first time. And there are many other activities that PTIT teachers and students have transferred from the familiar direct environment to cyberspace thanks to the support of digital tools and means.

Currently, lecturers and students at PTIT no longer see the concepts of digital transformation and digital university as new and far-fetched. Day by day, hour by hour, they have gotten used to learning and teaching in the digital space.

According to Dr. Dang Hoai Bac, Deputy Director of the Academy, in the past 2 years, the teaching and learning plans of teachers and students of the Academy have had many disturbances due to the epidemic. Technology applications and digital transformation platforms make teaching and learning more convenient, providing the opportunity to experience the first digital university pilot model in Vietnam.

Through two outbreaks of the disease this year, the Academy’s 2 training facilities held online training for nearly 90,000 students with 196 subjects, more than 1,400 online classes for more than 12,000 students. For the first time, the Academy organized an online exam and defense of projects and theses for nearly 55,000 students.

Most of the practical courses, especially those in IT programming, are implemented on the intelligent practice platform D-Lab, allowing students to practice anytime, anywhere, self-assess the results. personalized practice by level with more than 2.5 million assignment submissions, 2,100 exercises and 7,000 students participating after nearly 1 year of implementation. MOOC (open learning materials) digital learning systems have been gradually deployed at the Academy.

“From a personal perspective, I find that the application of digital transformation has brought new opportunities for universities in general and PTIT in particular, exploring the available potentials, promoting the internal conditions for change. new and optimize operational efficiency, refresh and “reposition” the organization”Dr. Dang Hoai Bac said.

Towards the formation of a “Digital Nation in Miniature”

According to PTIT leadership representatives, with the development orientation following the “miniature digital country” model, the digital transformation plan of the Academy has been built with 3 pillars: Digital governance – Digital services – Digital society . The Academy also places five emphasis on building a “Digital University” including Digital Learning Materials; Digital platform; Lecturer number; Student No.; Digital environment. At the same time, digital transformation activities in the Academy are determined to thoroughly apply the policy of building and applying the “Make in Vietnam” digital platforms.

Regarding digital governance, PTIT has built a Data Operations Center. Accordingly, all data for administration, management and administration are centralized and serve the decision-making of leaders; functional units also exploit and use data that is linked through a common training management system.

Regarding digital services, the Academy has been gradually implementing public services according to learners’ needs on online platforms. The school aims to provide services equivalent to level 4 online public services; Currently, 30 public services of the Academy have been put into operation.

As for the digital social pillar, PTIT has its own social networking platform for teaching, learning, interaction and connection between schools and learners. The platform provides an account to each student and personalizes this online account for each student.

After nearly a year of implementation, an initial ecosystem for the Digital University was formed at the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology. Tens of thousands of students, staff, and lecturers of the school can perform activities, monitor class schedules, view test scores, confirm administration, pay online, and pay tuition fees by smartphone.

The internal connection system PTIT-Slink was built as an internal social network used by nearly 13,000 students and staff with the features of notification, access, one-stop service, interaction. students, lecturers, lecture halls…

The ecosystem for the Digital University at PTIT has been initially formed
The system of enrollment and digital enrollment with online payment has been implemented by the Academy.

The system of enrollment and digital enrollment with online payment is also implemented throughout the regular university enrollment process with 9,242 new accounts; confirm admission and admission for 3,500 successful candidates, reducing the time to carry out the procedure from 10-15 days to 2.5 days; admission service staff reduced from 100 people to 20 people. The whole process of admission, class placement, student code issuance, online training organization is done automatically with a linked database.

The Academy is also the first university to build a Blockchain technology application platform for the issuance of diplomas and certificates, which is convenient for electronic authentication.

In a congratulatory letter to officials, lecturers and staff on the occasion of November 20, Dr. Vu Van San, Director of the Academy commented: With the successful implementation of IT and digital transformation applications recently, the school has been implementing the first phase of the first digital university model in Vietnam under the direction of the Minister of Information and Communications… “These are new and difficult tasks, requiring the joint effort and consensus of a collective of officials, teachers and scientists who bring all their enthusiasm, talent and innovative and creative spirit to contribute to the success of the community. general career of the Academy”Mr. Vu Van San shared.

Van Anh

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology enrolls 2 new majors

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology enrolls 2 new majors

In 2021, the Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology enrolls 12 training majors with 2 new majors: Financial Technology and Control and Automation Engineering.


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