The eco guest. Alain Thébault (SeaBubbles): “Hydrogen is clearly the oil of tomorrow”

Alain Thébault (December 17, 2020) (FRANCE INFO / RADIOFRANCE)

The beginning of the adventure goes back a few years. The SeaBubbles, the water taxis are going to have a little brother. After electric propulsion, here is hydrogen. The project has entered the industrial phase and already has its first customers, says Alain Thébault, co-founder of SeaBubbles and ifranceinfo eco guest on Thursday, December 17.

“With the electric prototypes that flew at the start, we had a problem of autonomy, as with electric cars. LThe advantage is that there are no CO² emissions, the disadvantage is the charging time a bit long, explains the co-founder of SeaBubbles. But the start-up boss assures us that“today, on builds SeaBubbles with fuel cells with a charging time of three minutes for a battery life of over three hours. Hydrogen is truly the oil of tomorrow. “

International development

Alain Thébault indicates that during confinement ten people were hired. They are based in Annecy by the lake. “The difficulty is to produce, continues the entrepreneur. We have more orders than production capacity. We have just completed a fundraising thanks to a Franco-Swiss family which injects 5 million euros with support from Bpifrance “.

“We have requests for three SeaBubbles in Boston in the United States, we have discussions with Dubai Police, we have had requests for two days in Japan”, highlighted Alain Thébault. Why has France not yet placed an order? What are the relations with the Ministry of Economy and Finance? “As I said to Bruno Le Maire, I think we have to move from posture to action. We talk a lot about hydrogen, we talk about plans… but the reality is that when we want to put a fuel cell in our SeaBubbles, we cannot find it in France “, deplores the maritime architect.

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